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If you do not know what Master Access is and how it helps lawyers, then check out this page.

While writing this article I realized we have been lazy in collecting testimonial videos. There are so many learners who have done so well, but it is quite tiresome for us to reach out to each one trying to record videos. Maybe we should do more of it given that we have now close to 150 satisfied Master Access students as of today!

Anyway, we are making the secrets of how to thrive and get new clients during COVID crisis and economic downturn using a foolproof system available for the first time, through a very cost-effective workshop. Whether you are a lawyer, or a CA or CS, or a labor law consultant even, you will learn how to get new clients and make money from this workshop, and the charges are negligible. 

Even if you are a law student, you are most welcome to join and begin to develop your understanding.


Most important areas of challenge for independent lawyers and small law firm owners 

  • Identification of new practice areas: How to identify emerging areas in this lockdown? Which areas will be the most profitable? What is the total opportunity size in these areas? Out of multiple emerging areas, which ones should you decide to foray into?   
  • Learning the skills to serve clients in those areas: How should you acquire the skills to serve clients in those areas? Do you need years of experience working in a law firm, or training under a senior? What is the best way to learn? When is the best time to start? What if the practice area itself is a new one? What is the strategy to compete against big firms and senior lawyers?  
  • Reaching out to new clients: What are the best ways to reach out to potential clients? Does blogging, guest posting, building one’s own website, and social media profile work? Is it possible to meet potential clients during this COVID-19 lockdown and social distancing era?  
  • Adherence to BCI Regulations on the prohibition of solicitation: Isn’t direct and indirect solicitation prohibited by the Bar Council of India? How can I legally promote myself without risking losing my license to practice and thus endangering my career? 
  • Creation of a track record: Why would a client trust me with his or her work? Why would the client be willing to pay me? How can I get a client without having performed work in a particular area? How can I demonstrate my superior understanding of the area? 
  • Providing value without providing ‘free service’: How do I protect my time from clients who want legal services for free? How do I provide clients sufficient value to get the mandate, without providing my services at no cost? 
  • How to obtain legal work from potential clients: When I approach potential clients for legal work, most refuse. How do I identify their needs? How can I obtain a ‘Yes’ from them?  
  • Price quotes and proposals: How much should I charge clients? Is charging less a good idea? How can I charge more to clients, yet demonstrate superior value? Should I give discounts if the client negotiates with me? 
  • Managing client expectations during delivery: Clients expect me to do much more than I initially proposed, and at the cheapest price. How should I ensure a balance between my time and their expectations?  How do I ensure that my practice is profitable?  

I am sure you have never come across a workshop that deals with issues like these. 

Can you afford to miss this?

Here is the link again: https://lawsikho.com/course/beat-covid-crisis-and-recession-how-can-you-get-2-new-clients-every-month-and-earn-an-additional-50000

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