This article is written by Ramanuj Mukherjee, Co-Founder & CEO at iPleaders.

At iPleaders, we always believed in the power of communities. What we can do alone can be great, but the achievements of a single person will never match up to what can be achieved by a community.

At iPleaders, over 5 years, we built a very valuable community painstakingly. We built a community of learners. Many of the students of our first few batches are now industry leading professionals, CXOs, authors, hiring managers, bureaucrats and leading wherever they are.

However, we didn’t lose touch with them. Many of them are still a part of our community, and helping incoming students as mentors, telling us where to look to grow in the future, assisting in launching pathbreaking courses, making iPleaders club more reach and supporting our vision in more than one ways.

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Sometimes we are not even aware of how students help each other. We always keep getting enriched by the discussions in the community WhatsApp groups. We are truly proud of this community.

We have been very selective about who gets to stay in this community. While anyone who takes any long term course of iPleaders is accepted as a provisional member of iPleaders Club (the official name of the community), after 6 months we evaluate if they have been really participating in the activities of the club or developing themselves. Those who have failed to reach certain benchmarks are removed from the community. It helps to keep the community agile, active and relevant.

Also, the part of the community are some very generous mentors who make a difference to many of the learners in our courses.

Here are some of the activities we do in the iPleaders club:

  1. Create your dream CV. Write down not how it already is, but what you want to be in that CV. Discuss with your mentor while you make this CV. This exercise is very inspiring and gives amazing clarity to your actions. You can try this at home, but when you do it along with a community, it’s a different feeling altogether!
  2. Interview 5 people like whom you want to become. How did they reach where they are now? What challenges did they face along the way? How did they overcome these challenges? What do they think you should do to improve your chances of success? Will they be willing to have a chat with you once in a month for 15 minutes and guide you? It’s amazing what people accomplished through these informational interviews. They found mentors. They got hired. They learnt how to network. Turning points in career were created.

We want to grow this community. With each passing year, it becomes a larger, more powerful network.

Come join us and experience it.

The membership of the club is complimentary for all those who take admission in this business law course (the very popular Diploma Course in Entrepreneurship Administration and Business Laws).

We have been at the cutting edge of business law education, leading this market in India by a big margin and producing results that are incredible for others. Only way to know the difference will be to experience it!

You can see here what our past learners have been saying.


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