syali-petiwaleWe recently heard some amazing things from Sayli Petiwale about her experience with one of our courses, Diploma course in Entrepreneurship Administration and Business Laws offered from NUJS. After she told me about her experience, I requested her to share this as a success story so that we can share it with the world. Let’s hear it from Sayli herself.

I am a 5th year B.A LLB student from Maharaja Sayajirao University. I discovered the course while reading a blogpost by iPleaders on how to crack law firm interviews. I went for the course because the idea of covering the gap between theoretical studies and practical knowledge appealed a lot to me.

I enrolled about 6 months back. I have studied about 4 modules properly so far. I found the course very organised and simple in language. It helped me penetrate the wall and understand the difficult concepts of law in an easier manner.

The first module about structuring a business and the second on tax laws has helped me the most because I got to know about business structuring in an extremely organised and effective manner. The tax law module helped me with my college studies as I am studying the subject currently.

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When you join this course, you get automatic entry to iPleaders Club, which is an exclusive career opportunities and mentorship platform for select iPleaders alumni and I got 6 months free provisional access to it.

I like the iPleaders Club because it provides practical assignments to solve on your own. For example, the drafting of a non disclosure agreement. I understood how to draft from scratch, though not just from the exercise but also from the templates which are attached to each module.

Also the club offers prospects for job and internship opportunities along with access to people who can definitely help us as mentors and guides. I have been provided with an industry mentor and got introduced to several important lawyers for informational interviews.

Well on mentorship, it has been extremely helpful. I like the fact that my mentor is extremely approachable and helpful regarding any issues I have or anything that is bothering me with regards to my career. I can talk freely with him.

I told my mentor I wanted to apply for a judicial internship, and he guided me through the process. He helped me tailor the CV the covering letter and also how to conduct myself when talking to a judge.  In fact, I made a blunder with my application wherein initially the judge also got offended, but only because of the advice which my mentor gave me which I followed through, I could get through the screening process.

I also went for an informational interview after I learnt about it in iPleaders club. I realized that how important those webinars that you people conducted about how to take and approach and go about with the interview. It’s much tougher than it looks. I am glad I had a rough idea due to the webinars.

After doing that informational interview, I have realised that you need to be able to take out what you want from the person you are taking to and not expect them to tell you everything. It gave me a lot of insight into things I had negligible knowledge of. I learned how firms work, the environment, how to go about their things in the job, and what I needed to do to reach my goals successfully. Tailored advice, in short.

I always wanted to understand the A to Z of business and all laws related to it. This course is the most structured way of understanding every aspect which can affect a business and are related to a business, which I as a lawyer would need to understand and know.

My career goals are many. But I really want to work with legislative and government offices to understand and work someday in formulating policies as well as advocate for them. This course I think will help me to this end of knowing an area which I have found alien to my understanding, because it’s a bit difficult to comprehend it unless it’s taught in a very simple way.

Although I have done only 4 modules in the course, I would recommend it to anyone who is in need of a practical and organised way of learning and understanding business laws.


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