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This article on “Marijuana Legalization” is written by Ishita Mehta.

Marijuana is not affirmed by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), so, its utilization is not regulated. The FDA, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration and National Institute on Drug Abuse(NDA) have found no solid reviews that support the medicinal utilization of unrefined marijuana. Smoking any substance will have a negative and conceivably life-debilitating impact on your respiratory system.

Why to Not Consume Marijuana

  • Cannabis utilization can influence a person’s memory, IQ, judgment and critical thinking abilities. There are many cases connected to the utilization of marijuana to the expanded possibility of framing a dysfunctional behavior, despite the fact that there is minimal logical proof to demonstrate this.

For instance, a few people who have smoked cannabis have later been diagnosed with psychosis.

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Another remarkable point is that the strains of cannabis available for use now are much more grounded than they were once before.

  • Marijuana use can cause impairment in the user.
  • Marijuana use can affect the ability to perform a particular task.
  • It is a gateway drug to the legalization of other drugs and has many bad effects on the users of it. We either see or smoke marijuana in recreation or medical setting.

 Is Marijuana Legalization Right?

What I believe here is that Marijuana legalization will not only make the access to marijuana easy but, will also tempt the non-users to engage in the consumption.

  • This abuse will lead to risky behaviors like experimentation with alcohol, with other drugs and reckless engagement in dangerous sexual activities.
  • Needless to state that managing this compulsion requires cash which results to unsafe conducts like theft or prostitution to get money for fundamental needs and weed.
  • The reactions incorporate expanded, leading to AIDS’s pervasiveness, undesirable pregnancies and an expansion in the rate of premature births.
  • In the past years, we have learned that brain development doesn’t finish to the mid 20’s, as developing brain is very vulnerable to the substance use. Heavy users fare worse in many ways. Their cognitive levels fall and they tend to suffer more from depression. Most users are not heavy users, but again, we can’t predict who will fall into this category.
  • They say that Marijuana makes a person calm and relaxed. It is also studied that marijuana can be a good medicine. But also, this increased drug use will lead to negative impacts.
  • Marijuana pretty much worsens the depression. It’s a myth that people believe that it makes depression let go.
  • Marijuana is not approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) so, the uses are not regulated. Even the Mental Health Service Administration and National Use of Drug Abuse have found no scientific substance which supports the use of marijuana.
  • Marijuana leads to compromise in the ability to learn and focus.
  • Long term use reduces the ability to organize the complex information.
  • Open air weed develops represent a huge risk to our characteristic assets and untamed life.
  • Pot cultivation on open grounds in the northwestern parts of the United States have been connected to passing of range untamed life including catamounts, mountain lions, minks and fishers.

The creatures are being harmed by synthetic pesticides utilized as a part of marijuana development.

  • There is one more concern i.e. the black market sales. The Black Market Sale will heavily target the remaining market i.e. the youth.
  • Marijuana is an outlet for individuals to look for a fake endorphin discharge. This dissuades these individuals from looking for genuine endorphin discharges that drive disclosure, the economy and the society.

There is no preferred standpoint to society if weed is sanctioned. It will simply make less profitability in the public arena. As people, our employment is to propel our race and get to be distinctly humane animals (genuine living, regular dopamine discharge) instead of animals who swing to substances for satisfaction.

Having some good times once in a while is great but, why does somebody require a misleadingly initiated endorphin discharge?

It is said to be highly potential for abuse under the Control Substance Act.

As an individual from a current society, I have seen that individuals need to authorize pot with a specific end goal to make it an assessable item and consequently help the economy. In spite of the fact that it can be a smart thought to support the economy, the utilization of pot will be manhandled and more occurrences will happen in our general public.

There is no sense in having more brutal wrongdoings happening in the public eye.

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The activists that are supportive of the Marijuana legalization just observe it in the way that will profit them. They don’t see the negative impacts that can happen if the plant legitimizes and is delivered, appropriate and even better expended.

In spite of the fact that the campaigners who need to sanction cannabis have sensible contentions (the plant deals adding to the economy), the authorization of the substance can bring about different sorts of issues inside the society and thus, the Marijuana legalization ought to never be a choice. Marijuana is not a medicine. You don’t know what’s in it. If there were compelling scientific and medical data supporting Marijuana’s medical benefits, that would be one thing. But, the data is not there.

The  Marijuana legalization will convey more wrongdoing to the urban communities of the major part of the world and it will cost more pure lives and additionally peace officers of our groups. The property wrongdoing might rise since addicts will take keeping in mind the end goal to either motivate cash to purchase the medication of take property, deal it and that way they will get the issue.

There Are a Few Resistances For Pot Being Legitimate Or Not-

  • Marijuana is a misunderstood drug. The possession and smoking of Marijuana are both illegal in India.
  • Marijuana is controlled by the Narcotics Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act. The possession of any amount of marijuana is illegal and in fact, if Marijuana is found in someone’s ‘possession’, the assumption is made that the accused was aware of its existence and it is up to the accused to prove that he or she has not been breaking the laws.

In cities like Delhi, for instance, smack addiction grew. The addicts were mostly poor people. Those who had earlier smoked grass were now ‘chasing’ smack. There is an immense history of Marijuana in India. The earliest mention was found in the Vedas. According to the texts, Cannabis were sacred plants. The Vedas had called cannabis a source of happiness and joy giver. The British itself found cannabis really extensive in few parts of India, especially in colonial India.

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Stopping marijuana use can lead to withdrawal symptoms like anxiety and irritability. Marijuana legalization would remove the exchange from the hands of criminal posses. That would diminish their loathsome impact in both cannabis bringing in nations and the spots where it’s created. Authorized pot could be legitimately managed to guarantee quality and security, simply like some other item.

At the point when it’s sold unlawfully in the city, no one controls what perilous substances could be blended in with it. Liberated from pursuing hapless dope-smokers, law authorization organizations could concentrate on managing hard medication pushers who do genuine mischief. And, of course, the use of soft drugs will lead to the use of the hard drugs.

There have been a lot of arguments for decriminalizing marijuana consumption. It is believed that  Marijuana legalization will lead to immense drug trafficking across the nation. Now, a recent study that examined adolescents undergoing treatment for marijuana dependency, worryingly claims that 40 percent of them displayed withdrawal symptoms.

It makes us slow, not able to do things, people lose focus & sometimes it gets you socially awkward too. Just as it calms someone down, at the same time, it manages a person to get away from the reality and the real life.

They say that Marijuana is less harmful than alcohol. But, the fact is that the consumption of alcohol stays only till a limited period of time. Most number of people, in fact, a majority of the people don’t drink everyday but, weed smokers want to smoke Marijuana everyday because it gets that addictive.

The people who are in favor of Marijuana legalization think that it makes us more calm but, they are not realizing that they are so addictive to it that they can’t leave it.

In society today, many people look for a feeling of freedom. Many people go on a vacation and spend money. The most common escape for people is drugs. Is it just a common escape for not doing day to day things? Just a common excuse to not participate in the economic system? Talks regarding the decriminalization of marijuana have been around for many years.

Marijuana should be illegal for the majority of medical purposes because of the potentially dangerous side effects. Some of these side effects include lapse or no common sense for decision making. Smoking weed is neither a worthy restorative treatment nor an option therapeutic treatment for any sickness. Fixation, engine coordination, memory, lungs, conceptive and insusceptible frameworks are all unfavorably affected by pot utilization. Cannabis is addictive.

Doctors who treat individuals for AIDS, glaucoma and different maladies don’t support the utilization of marijuana. Legalizing weed for therapeutic utilize would simply give individuals more motivations to get high. Huge numbers of the symptoms are extremely risky. It has been turned out to be addictive and the main issue is that there is definitely no logical confirmation that smoking weed helps any kind of therapeutic condition.

What Do you think? Should Marijuana be Legalized? Drop your views in the comment box below.

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