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The Speaker

Abhyuday Agarwal is the Co-founder and COO of LawSikho, iPleaders, and He has graduated from West Bengal National University of Juridical Sciences in the year 2011 and currently heads the content team and liaises with subject matter experts, looking into online delivery of Lawsikho’s courses and relationships with technology vendors and university or industry collaborators. He also helps the companies and organizations to manage legal learning needs for their internal teams.

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How does the speaker think about it?

The speaker mentions that when he came to know about the kinds of the judiciary, the training available and the different kinds of the books for the same, he concluded it as there are tons of classes, training and lots of advice floating around. He realised that it is a very long game as it is not like IIT and Civils that people study and in the last one or two years they crack it down. The judiciary is a very popular and important career and people start preparing for it really early on. As it takes a lot of preparation and a lot of work and to put that kind of work, your health and mental state need to be in good shape and you need to have the right habits in place.

How can one crack the judiciary exams?

We all have noticed that there are some people who crack the judiciary exam while there are others who have been working hard for four or five years but still haven’t cracked the judiciary exams as they seem dedicated and everything seems to be working but still they do not crack the exams. In the beginning, it happens that we get boosted and motivated and after some time that motivation gets lost and then some people lose their sights of their goals and stop studying. So it’s not all about the hard work but it is also about the other three elements that the speaker talked about i.e. mindset, health and specific habits one needs to crack this exam.

How to be motivated regarding your goal?

Motivation is something which is always fluctuating and it even happens with our speaker too when he left the good-paying corporate firm to start his own company so it’s really difficult for him as when there is nothing happening creatively, then the motivation gets down so to boost it up, we always try something to reach on its best level. So to be motivated it’s necessary that you must have a good self-esteem as if you have low self-esteem, you will be less motivated and if you have high self-esteem you will be more motivated. It’s fine that sometimes the things which happen around you upgrade or degrade your self-esteem. Hence, ignoring this is not an option. However, we all know this fact that no one can change it immediately. It happens to everyone also that makes them feel stressed and anxious but we all have to work on it every day. Once you have a hold on it, you can work on it through different ways which cannot be explained. There are six or seven techniques which speaker is going to deal with it and those are:

  • Visualizing:- If we talk about Olympic athletes before starting a race, they always do a thing called creative visualization. They are visualizing themself succeed and it always contributes to that success. Same is with us, if we have a positive attitude and visualize ourselves successful, we will survive anyway even if we fail. The point is that how would you increase your chances of success so now you want to visualize what happens if you succeed?What does this mean to your judiciary prep? You want to visualize yourself fully, what will it look like at that time when I am a judge, what kind of house, perks do I have. What kind of power do I have, what kind of responsibility I have, what will I be proud of myself and so on. You should note it down because you cannot always remember that and when you write it, it creates a shape firmly in your mind and the image becomes clearly clear in your mind when you write it. One must visualize it deeply. The speaker is trying to explain that he wants one must not be focusing on the working part but visualizing part as the working part will happen but first one must focus on visualizing.
  • Use mechanism of journalism:- one can use a daily journal, annual calendar, google keep notes, etc. Writing with the hand is a lot better than typing it just one must remember things better and it doesn’t matter if one must not read its journal again and again but what makes sense is to write it with pen and paper. He says that we can use self- journalising or answer your question about your visualization which is also a form of journaling and on a day to day basis build that visualization everyday as you find a one step ahead. Even people write negative emotions and it literally goes away after writing them down.
  • Listening Affirmation:- Affirmations are positive statements that can help you to challenge and overcome self-sabotaging and negative thoughts. When you repeat them often, and believe in them, you can start to make positive changes. There are lots of affirmations which you can hear like sleep affirmation which are incredible. They help you to sleep quicker and help you to wake up with more positivity. It is because of specific kinds of waves and a specific manner in which affirmation literally reprogrammes your mind. There are affirmations regarding entrepreneur, self-esteem, etc and those have been great said by the speaker.
  • Mirror Work:- Mirror work can take a lot of negative emotions from you. Some people may find it useful and some may find it useless. In this you have to stand in front of the mirror and talk to yourself and begin to love yourself. You have to say that you accept yourself. This is extremely important because any past wounds, injuries and experiences you will have the opportunity to heal that. He says that he cannot assure you that it will be permanent or short-term but if we continue doing this, this situation will improve and one will find having power over your mental state. One can have more control and power over your mental state.
  • Lining your environment to your goals:- From this we can notice that when we are upto for something which is important for us, as everybody around us does not have the same goals but to give us the space for what we are doing so we want to remove the roadblocks in our environment as these could be physical or this could be in the form of people who are taking jibes and nagging you means not letting you be even friends circle for inviting to parties and saying let’s have fun and it extends to logistic. For the judiciary exam you need to give time to your study and in between all the family, friends you cannot manage it. So, for that, we have to align our environment and for that, you need to clear out your parents or create an alternative system for the same to give more preferences to your study. The speaker said that aligning the environment is important and without aligning the environment it is impossible to even have a chance to succeed.
  • Ambitious goals and accomplishing them is important:- He says that everyone should keep one thing in their mind is that you cannot set unwinnable goals, for example, we say that I will study 20 hours a day and I will cut back on sleep which is against your body design but we can say that today I will complete this much and give test which will take 10 hours or 11 hours in a day and after that I will be taking a break and then I will sleep. So, it could be more realistic because this kind of goal can be fulfilled due to which you can increase the size of your ambition. Sometimes you may not fulfil or accomplish it but the thing which is more important is how much one has progressed and when every day you are progressing towards your ambition our faith in ourself will be reaffirmed and you can notice a different version of your own self. It keeps you motivated.

How can nutrition help with this?

The Speaker said that if one is having difficulty in sleeping, staying fresh, staying alert, feeling frustrated, feeling angry, feeling dejected because of that one must have sugar cravings, love comfort food like Chinese, burgers a lot although it’s not bad to eat if one is having them regularly then it is and a question arises of having some vitamin deficiencies. After consultation with a doctor, one can take supplements for that. The speaker is sharing the supplements which he has taken over the past 18 months which helps you to be productive, consistent and new level of focus. The vitamins which are most important and most of the people take are vitamins B12 folic acid, zinc and magnesium, which are great for brain health, sleep. Also calcium and proteins. Calcium with vitamin d3 enables you to have better bone health. It is helpful as when you study for 14 hours and you don’t want backaches and lower back pain. For good sleep and to wake up fresh due to which your productivity will be incredible so for all these things this nutrition will be helpful. Also, you need to have proteins. Our food is rich in carbohydrates which is not enough for which we need to take some amount of proteins separately. It is also important to build up your immunity power to fight against various diseases. These nutritious, proteins and vitamins help us for the same. Also, pre and probiotics are important to fight those digestive bacterias. For example, Curd is a natural pre and probiotic. You can also consult the nutritionist for the same.

Does working out help in this?

It can be normally said that when you are not competing in any of the sports then what’s the use of work out. So here’s the thing that we need not work to get a good looking body as he is not talking about the extreme level of work out actually he is talking about the workout which is necessary our body and mind be in a good health and shape for which one doesn’t need to work out for 1 hour it can be done for 40-30 mins on at least 3-4 days of the week and that will create an impact in the quality of our attention, how alive we feel, how much alert we are while reading because in the judiciary preparation retention is very important because if we are reading an act or a case laws there are 20 different ways a question can be asked and for that, your mind needs to be focused to grab right things and keep it. You can do any workout like a physical workout, yoga and meditation. But you must take out your time for at least one of this.

Must one measure the work done by them?

He says, it is very important to measure your work as people do not measure it. As it is a competitive exam which has limited seats and conducted in every state and lakhs of people competing for the same. So actually what should one measure? One should measure their retention, that how many mocks you have taken, also can measure that if I read 20 pages what do I retain from there, one should also measure about their nutrition, workout, or that if I am listening to my affirmation every day or am I doing the mirror work which needs to be done for my own self. So one must be also measuring these things for their self-development. And also these things affect your studying if doing then in a good way and if not then in a bad way.

How to deal with short term failure for a long term win?

The most common thing which you face is that the thing which you have planned to do and you failed to do that and then they ignore that and the other day they get so unmotivated that they don’t plan which increases the livelihood of the final failure. What one needs to do is to accept the short term failure and move on, and see the track progress so that you minimize the risk of final day failure because in the long run, if you are able to make progress and the next day you increase your progress and if you do so for the 360 days of a year for one, two or three years you are going to be a formidable force to reckon and you are going to be prepared and having a good attempt. Do not let yourself avoidance and self-bashing because ultimately it will harm you.

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