I recently asked Mohammed Azharuddin about his experience with the iPleaders – NUJS Diploma course on Entrepreneurship Administration and Business Laws, and he shared some pretty good insights that I thought we should share with all of you. Over to Azharuddin.
I currently work with Borderless Access Panels, an IT company having a  global presence; as an in-house Legal counsel. The parent company is Cross-Tab Marketing Services with its subsidiaries being Borderless Access Panels and Blueocean Market intelligence. I handle the legal compliance for all three companies. Before this, I worked with ALMT Legal in Bangalore. 
I signed up for this online course, though I already knew a lot of the topics covered in the course since I was already working as a corporate lawyer, because I wanted to enhance my knowledge in upcoming areas of law. I learnt a lot from the course in terms of startups and legal issues they face, investment and banking laws, and especially information technology laws. Since I work in a tech company with a lot of IP, the advanced issues I learned in the course regarding IP and Information Technology laws really help me to advise my senior management and have informed conversation with experts about these issues. In fact, my organization sponsored me to take up this course.
I was able to access the course comfortably and I am very happy with the course because it was very easy for me to pursue it online. Giving exams online and submitting assignments was very easy and a satisfying experience. The study material is amazing. It is not like usual legal textbooks that focus on sections and case laws, and it was really easy to learn concepts and practical issues that I may have to deal with at work anytime. Professionally it was very beneficial for me.
I am going to mentor future students in this course as is the tradition. I have always received great support from the iPleaders team whenever necessary. I will strongly recommend this course to other in-house counsels for rapidly learning a lot of areas of business law in a comprehensive manner.
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