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In this blogpost, Kapil Chawla, BCS, PGDASDD, MBA, LL.B, Post Grad. Certificate in NLP from Inspirative Australia, a Life and Business Coach offering coaching services to Professionals & Entrepreneurs, writes about how neuro-linguistic programming helps lawyers.

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) was developed in the US during the 1970’s by Richard Bandler and John Grinder. The origins of NLP include Behavioural Psychology, Psychometric Profiling, Gestalt Therapy, Sales Psychology and Quantum Linguistics. NLP has been used globally in Business, Education, Therapy, Coaching and Personal Development for over several decades with many senior professional, business and political figures being NLP trained. Some NLP Practitioners even call NLP as  Study of Excellence.

NLP has to offer several techniques for lawyers to perform their functions. A lawyer requires a wide variety of skill set to excel in his profession. Some of the important skills a lawyer needs are Communication, Rapport Building, Confidence, Public Speaking, Sales and Quick Learning.

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NLP in its tools box has various tools to help a lawyer in building the following  skills:

Communication skills for Lawyers

Communication is one of the most important skill for the lawyers, be it written & spoken. These skills are main tools of business for the lawyers. NLP has various tools like Sleight of Mouth Pattern and Eliciting Subconscious Responses to improve the communication skills of the lawyers.

Rapport building skills for Lawyers

As a lawyer one needs to building rapport with not only with the client but also with the judge as well as the opposite counsel. And sooner the rapport is built the better it is for the lawyer. NLP has several techniques like Pacing & Matching and Mirroring to help the lawyers to instantly build rapport with anyone.

Learning skills for  Lawyers

A lawyer is a lifelong learner who  needs a sharp mind and focus all the time. NLP has several techniques for improving the learning state of any person. As NLP technique called the Hakalau, also called the peripheral vision helps to improve the learning state and bring high focus. There are various other techniques like Circle of Excellence for improving learning skills.

There is a lot more that NLP provides for lawyers for adding to and improving their skill set.



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