Lawyers are heavy consumers of news. Innumerable lawyers complain that they don’t get enough time to read the newspaper, and news channels just tend to show the same news on the loop! How does a smart, educated and concious person consume news that they care about? Shikha Chaudhry, a Cornell grad who is working on this app that students of our course absolutely loved and gave great feedback about, writes on changing patterns of news consumption and the very interesting work that they are doing at NewsByte. Over to Shikha.

1) Everything, all at once – The millennials today present a classic case of dichotomy. They want loads and loads of information on various topics but they want them in as compact manner as possible. Their appetite for information has increased; their ability to process it has reduced. Their eagerness to expand the horizon has augmented; their willingness to invest time has shrunk. They can multi task like a powerful computer, but they can’t focus on small things.
All they want is everything at once – every conceivable piece of news item and they want it fast. And crisp. And on their cell phones. 
That is precisely what we do.
2) The Times They are A-Changin’- For the longest time, it has been believed that the youth of this country does not care about the news. However, the fact is that the legacy media companies don’t care about the way they present the news to the youngsters. It is being presented in the same manner for the past 100 years. We understand and empathize their pains as we can think like them.
3) Do your thang – If we were foodies, we would have opened a restaurant. If we were into fashion, we would have started a ultra-chic, highly modern fashion store. Sadly (not!) we are a bunch of impatient geeks, which is why we aim to reduce the information overload in your everyday news’ consumption.
You always solve the problem which is close to your heart. And, that is how the biggest challenges are cracked. You just need to ‘do your thang”, rest everything falls in place.
4) Come as you are – When we deliver news, we don’t assume anything. We don’t assume that the reader would have any knowledge about any topic. We don’t assume that they know what they want to read. We don’t assume that they would pay us either! 😉
We expect them to ‘come as they are’ and read everything we have to offer, at their leisure. They are the masters, the choice is theirs. We serve, they devour.
5) I believe I can fly – Quoting Steve Jobs “Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.” We think we are those round pegs in the square holes who want to change the world. And, we won’t stop till we get there.
If not us, then who. If not now, then when.
Disclaimer: I am a music buff, people around me don’t appreciate my taste in music. More often than not, I end up playing a few songs in endless loops. The above are some of my choicest songs. 
Anyway, here is the link to our product, NewsBytes App​ –


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