Janaki Shinkre has her independent practice in Goa. She did her LLB Hons from Goa University and is a qualified Company Secretary and a member of The Institute of Company Secretaries of India. She is passionate about social causes and innovation in education. She has started a social initiative named Eager-i which works with village students to make studies interesting and easy to comprehend for them.

We asked her why she chose to do a diploma course after LLB and CS and she had very interesting things to talk about. We decided to share her experiences with the course with you all. Over to Janaki:

I am passionate about education; after I completed CS I wanted something to fill the gap. I was not in touch with practice as I was concentrating on my CS studies. I wanted some skill based training and took to the internet to search for an appropriate course. I came across the advertisement of NUJS Diploma in Entrepreneurship Administration and Business Laws and liked the course structure. I signed up for the 5-day free material and I was impressed with the material I received and decided to enroll for the course.

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I felt there is a gap between the application of knowledge and what is taught in law school or even CS. I was looking for something which would help me to put the concepts I learned into practice.

Initially, I was apprehensive about how effective an online course would be, but the material is written very well. I have gone through a lot of courses and I can certainly say this in comparison. It’s Readable with a very friendly approach. When I read it, it’s like someone talking to me and explaining concepts to me.

Content wise the course is very good. Especially the chapters related to Foreign Direct Investment and Labor Laws. The concepts were put in a really understandable way. Short and crisp information with important points regarding all Labour acts are given. Investment and structuring business were other modules which I found very beneficial and insightful.

I  have read most of these concepts in CS but didn’t know how to use them effectively  or put them into practice. The NUJS diploma is giving me that practical knowledge. Now, I can talk to my clients and explain them these concepts in a practical manner with examples.

I even appreciate the way the assessments for this diploma course are designed. The assessments are conducted in a very constructive manner. Tests are very analytical, they check how much you have understood a topic rather than fire an answer. You cannot mug up and clear the tests without understanding the topics.

The part of the assessments where we have to write researched articles on assigned topics gave me the confidence to write on technical subjects. Although I have been a writer of blogs and stories, I avoided writing on technical subjects. This helped me develop my legal writing skills. Now I have published my articles in a newspaper and a business magazine.

I’m passionate about education and innovation in education. In future, I plan to take up teaching. This course has introduced me to the skill of talking about complex subjects in a simple way and this would definitely come handy in my future teaching role.

I would recommend this diploma to anyone who is willing to enhance his/her knowledge and looking for career advancement. Entrepreneurs, startup owners, lawyers, law students or anyone who wants to gain some knowledge about law. Anyone who is into business or wants to do business can also benefit from this course. Since this course deals with business laws its good for MBAs too.


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