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This article is written by Harsh Vardhan Tiwari.

LawSikho has received a lot of love and support from all of you, and without everyone’s valuable participation and feedback, we could not have expanded our mission and vision. 

It is our duty to give back to society in meaningful and effective ways that can help bring organic change through sustainable means.

Project Maverick is an initiative by LawSikho, inspired by and dedicated to Prof. Shamnad Basheer. We heavily drew upon his ideas while conceptualizing this. 

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Prof. Basheer was a dear mentor to Ramanuj and Abhyuday, the two batchmates who started iPleaders in college. When they started their journey with iPleaders and then afterward as LawSikho as well, Prof. Shamnad Basheer always encouraged us in our journey and evolution to become what LawSikho has turned out to be. 

Following his ideals, Project Maverick aims to create unprecedented access to legal education and take his work to the next level using digital means. We will not stop at just law entrance exams, this is a project that is going to impact the entire legal education system as our plan unfolds.

Accordingly, we have been providing free (almost) legal training to law aspirants who need it. We started by offering it completely free, but soon had to change and start charging Rs 100 for the entire unlimited training to keep scammers and spammers at bay. 

Still, we have tons of free material available on our YouTube channel – hundreds of hours of free video training to prepare you for any kind of law entrance exam! Do not commit to our Rs. 100 Course material before exploring all the free stuff!

Here is the playlist:

But first, let us tell you why we are doing what we are doing.

The simple idea of Prof Basheer that we are adopting here

  • Our top lawyers are hiding in small towns, villages, and marginalized communities. Can we make it possible for them to join good law schools?
  • Diversity benefits the profession and communities. It is not just the person who gets access benefits – the entire ecosystem and community benefit from diversity. 
  • March to the beats of your own drum, question the status quo till you find out how you can disrupt the existing order of things to make way for a better outcome. 

Why are we doing what we are doing?

Here are some of the challenges law aspirants face when they want to get through to a good law school:

  • High Coaching Fees close to 1 Lakh per annum.
  • High Mock Test fees close to 12,000 for 30 Mocks.
  • Costly Access to Current Affairs Magazines especially designed for law entrance exams. 
  • Aspirants have to travel sometime to different cities to prepare from a renowned coaching.
  • Uncertainty around Syllabus of Law Entrance exams.
  • A Mentor to guide through the journey to Law School.

We, at LawSikho, aim to solve this endemic problem. 

What services are being offered through Project Maverick right now?

  • Regular live Instructor-led live classes-6 days a week
  • Weekly Mock tests 
  • Mentorship Session 
  • Suggested Reading Topics from The Hindu
  • LMS Access which has lesson and quizzes 
  • Legal & GK Updates 
  • Legal Current Affairs Magazine 

What services are we planning to offer in the near future?

  • Current Affairs Magazine from September 2020
  • Live Quiz (GK and Legal Current affairs)
  • Blog to keep you updated on Current Affairs and Legal Development 
  • Doubt Session 
  • Personalized Study Schedule Framework 
  • All India Open Mock Tests

Who has been teaching in Project Maverick?

  • Harsh Vardhan Tiwari (Alumnus, NLU Punjab; Ex Fac – CLAT Possible, CLAT Path & Pahuja Law Academy)
  • Jay Prakash Gupta (16+ Year Experience – LRDI, Serial 99.9+ Percentiler)
  • Rahul Mishra (Director, Selection Adda; Director, CL Dehradun (2013-19); 13+ Year Experience)
  • Amey Pandey (Alumnus, CNLU; Ex fac- CLAT Gurukul)
  • Abhinav Singh Negi (Alumnus, NLSIU Bangalore)
  • Dhwani Gupta (English Grammar Specialist; Co-Founder, Advanced Coaching Institute, Agra)
  • Neelam D Gehlot (Analytical Reasoning Expert, 8+ Year Experience)
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A list of past live classes:


Topic Name

Video Link

Anti Defection Laws

Ayodhya Verdict

Sabarimala Case

Workshop on Latin Words for Law Entrances

Legal Aptitude Preparation

How to excel in Legal Reasoning for CLAT 2020

Legal Reasoning: Basics of Criminal Law

Law of Contract: Offer, Acceptance and Consideration

Offences against Property under IPC, 1860

Negligence and Nuisance

Offences against Human Body under IPC, 1860

Law of Tort: Vicarious Liability


Topic Name

Video Link

Data Interpretation

Data Interpretation

Data Interpretation

Data Interpretation

Data Interpretation: Types, Tricks and Techniques


Topic Name

Video Link

Space Mission-India and the World

India Agrarian Crisis

United Nations: Past, Present and Future

USA-IRAN Conflicts

India and the World- France, Australia and West Asia

Chief of Defense Staff (CDS)

Important Development in the area of Art & Culture-1

Important Development in the area of Art & Culture-II


Topic Name

Video Link

How to excel in Reading Comprehension

Preparation assistance for English

Focus-Reading Comprehension

Reading Comprehension

Reading Comprehension

Reading Comprehension

Focus-Reading Comprehension

Focus- Reading Comprehension

Reading Comprehension and Figures of Speech

Reading Comprehension and Articles


Topic Name

Video Link

How to prepare Logical and Legal Reasoning for CLAT

Logical Reasoning Preparation for CLAT 2020

Verbal Reasoning: Statement/Conclusion

Course of Action


Blood Relations

Direction Sense

Coding Decoding

Strategy Session: 

Topic Name

Video Link

Law as a Career

How to prepare for CLAT when preparation time is limited

What not to do during CLAT preparation

How to analyze Mock Test

How to crack SLAT in the first attempt

Managing Law Entrance Preparation with Board Exams

Summary of Dr. Krishnaswamy’s address to CLAT 2020 Aspirants

If past live classes are available for free on YouTube, why should I pay Rs. 100 and buy the course? Will I get anything extra?

  • LMS Access with 438 Lessons (Updating)
  • Weekly Mock Tests
  • Legal Current Affairs Magazine (Monthly)
  • Current Affairs Magazine (Monthly )
  • Doubt Removal Sessions 
  • Personalized Study Plan 

Can I get hard copy study material from Project Maverick for studying?

  • No, as of now, all resources will be at aspirants disposal. (Online)
  • However, in the future, we are trying to make paid hard copies available for members of Project Maverick.

How can you help us?

  • You can help by teaching.
  • You can help in help us to spread the message to law aspirants across India.
  • You can share your good advice. 
  • You can put us in touch with schools.
  • You can help us to create free youtube content for law aspirants.

What would a law aspirant get after joining Project Maverick?

  • Insights on various Law Entrance Exams.
  • Learn the art of deriving questions for exam from the Past Year Papers/ Sample Papers.
  • Understand and adopt the  skill of ‘What to Learn and What to Leave.’ 
  • Exhaustively cover relevant syllabus, specifically from examination point of view. 
  • Relevant and recent case laws to help you ace the Legal Section of the Exam. 
  • Gain a strong hold over general awareness. 
  • To identify issues and answer application based questions.

Who should take this course?

  • school going student, dreaming of getting into National Law University, but finding it difficult to balance hectic School curriculum with Law Entrance preparation.
  • A candidate who has taken a drop to prepare for Law Entrance Exams.
  • Any candidate who is at some law school but wants to appear again in Law Entrance Exams to get into their dream law school. 
  • A candidate who is preparing for other entrance exams but desires to appear also for Law Entrance Exam. 
  • Any student who needs an online course as he can’t leave his city, family or other assignments.
  • Any student who wants to prepare for the Law Entrance Exam at the comfort of their Home. 

To add value to your preparation we have lectures playlist available on YouTube, here is the link to the playlist

Finally, if you know anyone who could make use of our initiative, please tell them about our initiative, and be a part of the beautiful journey of helping someone achieve their dreams. 

LawSikho has created a telegram group for exchanging legal knowledge, referrals and various opportunities. You can click on this link and join:

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