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This brief is written by Preeti Pallavi Jena from Kiit Law School.


He is the Co-founder and COO of LawSikho, iPleaders, and He has graduated from West Bengal National University of Juridical Sciences in the year 2011 and currently heads the content team and liaises with subject matter experts, looking into online delivery of Lawsikho’s courses and relationships with technology vendors and university or industry collaborators. He also helps the companies and organizations to manage legal learning needs for their internal teams.

Since you were unable to attend this amazing session Abhyuday Agarwal on “Real cost of cracking judiciary exam in 2nd & 3rd attempt”, we thought we will bring to you the excerpts of the webinar so that you are not at a complete loss. 

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Read ahead, we hope you find it insightful and will be able to join us for the upcoming webinars. 

It started with an example :

My friend student cracked the Rajasthan judiciary after 7 years, she gave multiple attempts to qualify. Her peers have become ADJ now. For becoming ADJ a minimum of 15 years is required. She is lagging behind by 15 plus 7 years that is 22 years. It’s a huge gap.

Advantages of attempting again:

  1. Experience of having studied the syllabus earlier.
  2. Seriousness and more consciousness (it is a make it or a break it situation).

Disadvantages or Issues of attempting again:

  1. Lack of motivation & energy.
  2. Experience of failure and defeat.
  3. Boredom (having to study everything all over again, even having to study for appearing prelims again.
  4. Less time is available to prepare as compared to your first attempt.
  5. Tendency to lose focus if you explore backups even for part time work.
  6. Feeling left out as some batchmates move on to become judges or pursue other career options.
  7. Feeling of being a liability after having studied for 5 years and not kickstarted one’s career.
  8. Subconscious pressure from parents to do something productive with your career.
  9. As per economy – Some living costs (somebody else has to pay for you).
  10. Opportunity cost of doing something else (losing one whole year).

How to get it right in your second & third attempt?

  • Identify what went wrong, what is the main mistake: Most people don’t do this properly, or cannot spot their mistakes & simply start studying. Due to this kind of approach, they continue to repeat the same mistakes.
  • What all can go wrong:
  1. Not taking help whenever needed or not taking suggestions of their coaching class.
  2. Clearing prelims but not mains or interviews.( this happens because of lack of hardwork and practice, professional appearance is required, you should be familiar with the legal parts, have knowledge about practical aspects).
  3. Not completing the syllabus properly (not able to answer the questions asked).
  4. Spending too much time on travelling to coaching or not speeding up study.
  5. There are blind spots which one can’t identify on one’s own.
  6. Difficulty in recalling the information on the day of the exam. ( you may have studied but while appearing you don’t remember).
  7. Exam nervousness (happens due to not having enough practice in a test environment, leads to anxiety).
  8. Preparation being weak in specific subjects.
  9. Not completing the paper in time, especially in mains.
  10. Not knowing answers to application based questions.
  • Identify a suitable coaching urgently to identify the blind spots and improve on all the fronts in an adequate time period.
  • Try to put all eggs in one basket. There are no backups after this.

What are the inputs that can be made?

  • Put in the hours: Like 14 hours per day consistently and stick to it.
  • Make sure that you acknowledge yourself everyday for completing your goals.
  1.  Releases dopamine
  2. A rewards hormone
  3. Take help of a coach for study plans
  4. Focus and follow
  5. Stay confident
  • Inform everyone around that you are not available for any commitments or relaxations for 1 year.
  • Continue working on your health, mindset and nutrition because disappointment may ruin your preparation.
  • Access resources to study faster & more effectively because you have no more chances.
  • It is critical to improve your study techniques on the fly.
  • Look at your study plans everyday (days or month progress report).
  • Practice recalling information through mocks & answer writing everyday.
  • Get a coach for instant course corrections, lack of motivation can hamper the track.
  • Measure progress regularly.


Is it necessary to go according to 8 hours or is it possible in 5 hours a day of study?

If you are starting from 1st or 2nd year then you can go with 5 hours but if you are starting in 4th year then a minimum of 8 hours is required. Quality of learning is required not more hours.

How many subjects to take for preparation at one go ?

You can go for 2 subjects & general studies at a straight. You can prepare for the prelims and mains at a single go. Don’t prepare separately or else it will be difficult for you only.

What are the backup options?

You can have many backup options if you have started early. You can also go for litigation or UGC Net and also in corporate sectors by doing various internships in law firms.

What is the relevance of coaching? Is it required?

Coaching can make you plan things and process accordingly. It can make you grow and know where you are lagging behind. The tests and mocks will help you and this can also build a focus and confidence on yourself. If you are attempting 2nd or 3rd time then you really have very less time period so coaching can actually be beneficial for you.

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