I have completed NUJS Diploma in Entrepreneurship Administration and Business Laws from iPleaders . Post completion of 5 years B.A. LLB programme, I was not keeping well physically, which was not allowing me to take up any internship or to go for further studies. I was in rest for almost 1 year.

It was During this phase of time, when I was looking for an online course on business law which could help me excel the fundamentals of the subject along with giving a practical insight, I came across NUJS Diploma in Entrepreneurship Administration and Business Laws course from iPleaders.

Found quite a few institutes but the course material of NUJS was very convincing. All the modules are beautifully designed and well structured. Very interestingly designed unlike the traditional Law courses. Even till date, I still refer the hard copies of this course. The webinars were very informative. The only thing was that, I was expecting an experienced Mentor. Even though the backend team was very responsive, but at times there were unfortunate technical glitch which made the process slow. Overall, this course is worth recommending to all the aspiring lawyers who wants to have a practical knowledge in business laws.

The course materials are too good to be available anywhere, so downloading option for the study materials should be provided to the students who have completed this course. I truly agree that this course gave me enough confidence to go ahead with the LLM. It has enhanced my Knowledge in Business Laws without which this would not have been possible. Though the study materials are subject to copyrights, but after one year when I am in requirement of these course materials, then it will be not available to me.

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This is a request that, something must be done in this aspect. However, the rest all is fantastic. After completion of this course, I felt like I have spent a year on a course which gave me lot of value addition to my career. A valuable time spent on something which truly helped me.


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