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This article is written by Ramanuj Mukherjee, CEO, LawSikho.

Consider that is a very important indicator of what your destiny is.

If you are a working adult, for the rest of the week, you probably have to wake up and do a bunch of routine stuff before you commute to work. For the rest of the week, you have to dance to the tune of what is necessary.

Sunday is different. It is probably a holiday for you, and you have a choice.

Do you wake up late? Are you nursing a hangover when you wake up?

Do you hit the gym?

Do you spend time with family?

Do you read a book?

Do you work on your passion project?

Do you use your Sunday to rejuvenate and plan your rest of the week?

Your Sunday morning shows where you are headed in life because this is the consequence of the choices you are making in life.

I look forward to Sundays because I get so much done on a Sunday! Things that require thinking, reflection, strategizing, are perfect for Sundays as far as I am concerned.

The first thought in my head when I woke up this morning was about LawSikho – how can I grow it to its full potential? What do I have to do to make the visions come to fruition?

I also take care of myself a little better on Sundays. I started my morning with a massage and some music. Then I caught up on old messages and replied to emails I had missed. Then I am writing this mail. I am looking forward to meeting an old friend over lunch. And then I will get together with 2 colleagues over a 2-hour long business call about how we will build LawSikho in the future and how we can grow 20x in next 3 years. 

After that, I have a major curriculum to work on. Some business mails to send.

And then, I will take a webinar today on how to make great service proposals that clients find hard to say no to, for my Legal Practice Management class. I have to put together a class plan and some material for the same as well.

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In between, if I can spare any time, I will go through some online courses I have got my hands on. I have a lot of things to learn about building online businesses, even though I have been running some for 10 years now. 

And I like to spend my Sundays this way. Productive, spent thinking about the future and how to take things to the next level. 

Also, I like to check on some of our students on how they are doing. Like I did this morning and got instantly rewarded.

We are on the right track. Your positive messages and feedback energizes me and my team to do even better.

What does your Sunday look like?

You could make your Sunday special by enrolling in a course from LawSikho and investing in your career and future. Here are the options for you:


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