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Starting an online business should be easy, right? You just need to have an idea and put it out there, and then, millions of dollars! But as easy as it seems, every business requires a lot of planning, and even the simplest task can become a burden if you are not 100% sure on how to complete it.

E-commerce is the thing now, and more in these difficult times, online businesses had encountered a lot more growth and demand nowadays. Due to Covid-19, a new wave has started onto evolving your local business onto an online store.

“If your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business”.

-Bill Gates.

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But how to start an e-commerce business? If creating a new website from scratch is a hustle for you, a great option is to create a profile in already existent pages, like amazon. Check RevExpo for reviews. Amazon offers you a platform in which you will be able to sell online, without the need of renting a physical place and paying bills. And I am pretty sure if you are familiar with the place, you already know how to shop on Amazon, so you know beforehand is easy and fun.


Another great place is Flipkart, which is similar to Amazon, so beforehand, you already know how to shop on Flipkart as well, really intuitive sites, easy to use and navigate. But what was the key point for these places to get massive in terms of years? They were investing in an almost new enterprise, so they experimented a lot, and learned from every single error. In addition, thanks to Flipkart growth was amazing. In the period between 2017 and 2018, we saw a 19.1% growth. That is an estimated $33 billion, in a year.

The plan

In terms of the creation of the site, all you need to do is having a great vision, is all you need to start successful e-commerce. And to know how to start an e-commerce business, thanks to all the information you have available online that is easy. No need to know programming or IT beforehand. It is easy to learn the skill you need, or even to find a freelancer that can give you a hand on it.

Everything will be easier if you set up a starting plan, deciding which will be the course of action that will make things a lot easier. Here you have two great options: Multi-vendor commerce or single vendor commerce. In addition, a friendly customer support team always keeps points to retain customers.

Depending on which will be your needs and what you want to fulfill in your e-commerce business, you can focus on promoting a single product, make things simple and easy to handle, or you can go big and shoot after having a multi-vendor store.

The advantage of having a single vendor place is that you will get involved in a two-step relationship. You will have a seller that will be selling his or her product to multiple final customers. Owning a single vendor marketplace allows you to keep track easily, and in terms of expenses, it keeps them low as you need to worry only about a vendor and final customers.

Now, Multi-vendor marketplaces offer you a bigger variety of products and sellers at the same time. They will be requested to sing onto your place to be able to sell their products onto your site. The same as the single-vendor, you will be selling to multiple customers.

Having branding is important as well, you will be offering a service in which people will need to place their trust and money. So having good branding is important. Keep business flowing thanks to a good design and attractive branding is important as well.

You want to invest a little bit into your logo, an attractive and easy to remember logo is important if you want people to relate your commerce onto the brand they’ll see in an advertisement. The name of the company plays a game-changing role here. It needs to be catchy, something that people will remember and that will let them know which is the purpose of your brand.

Finally, to make things legal, remember to register your e-commerce. Depending on your region and country, there are some rules and guidelines you need to keep in mind at the moment of creating and registering your e-commerce. Be sure to follow them all.

So now you know online shopping is the thing right now, and we presented you with the best two options nowadays, we are going to talk about how to transfer your business on online e-commerce business can be a lifesaver for you and your money.

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