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Sorry for that overly dramatic headline. I am in a good mood today.

In the new year, we decided to check back with our LawSikho students. How did they find our courses in 2018? What went well and what didn’t? What can we improve? Do they have any good things to say about us?

And the result is in.

Since it is hard to talk to all the students (over a hundred joins us every month), we decided to talk to the toppers from every course. These are the people who have used the courses best, taken full advantage of the study material, weekly exercises and courses. Each of these people have scored at least 80% or above in these courses, which is a rare feat.

It takes a lot of commitment and hard work to get that. Also, what is amazing is that several of them are practicing lawyers or working professionals, meaning that they have really less time to study or exercise.

There is something to learn here not only for us, but even the other students, and those of you who are considering if you should take a course from

So we called them, asked them for their feedback to the questions mentioned below, and took permission to share it with the world 🙂

So what are these questions?

Question 1: What is your most crucial or memorable learning from the course? We encourage you to share at least one event or instance from your career where you were able to apply the learning.  

Question 2: In your opinion, what kind of people can benefit from such learning and what is the benefit they can expect?

Question 3: What has been the key to your consistent performance in the course, especially weekly exercises? Feel free to share inputs for others.

Are there other questions we should ask next time? Hit reply and let me know.

While writing this, I realised that there are too many courses and reviews to share in just one mail. So I am sharing feedback of just 3 upcoming diploma courses.

What did people say?

Let’s take a look course wise. I have retained only the most interesting parts of the comments and deleted the rest for the interest of brevity. We have provided their LinkedIn profile if available hyperlinked to their name so that you can verify if they are genuine people and perhaps even ask them first hand. We can’t assure they will talk with everyone, but if these reviews were fake, they will protest, right?

So we are being transparent about who our topper are 🙂 you can verify that they are real people.

IP, Media and Entertainment Law

Aishwarya S M, Law Student

“The best part of this course is the consistency and dedication. When I say consistency and dedication I am referring to the effort behind each week’s exercise topic. I feel there is a lot of thinking done while giving these exercises.”

“Each exercise tests your analytical skills. It persuades the student to think and answer. Every assignment covers a different aspect of IPR and ensures to provide a deep understanding of the concept.”


“Your answers are critically examined and feedback on it is provided without fail. This is a great advantage of being a student of this course.”
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“Any person keen on learning about Intellectual property rights, media and entertainment laws can opt for this course. It’s very helpful as it covers the practical aspects required for understanding these laws and their applicability in various instances.”

“The benefit mainly is that one can know which law is to be applied when. It is not always easy to recognise if there is actually a violation or an infringement of any right. Even if there is, what right and up to what extent has it been violated. The course through its constant assignments helps the students in such identification.”

“The teaching faculty members are always there to help you out with any problem related to the course and are easy to approach. This is one of the many benefits that a student taking up this course can look forward to.”

“Personally, IPR is one of the subject in which my interest lies. So this is one of the main reasons that drive me to work on the exercises. The main key factor is that each week the topics on which exercises are given are different and interesting.”

“The exercises will test your logical, analytical skills and your interpretation of laws.”

“Webinars are conducted wherein experts in this field answer and clear your doubts related to the topics. They even check the exercises answered by you and correct your mistakes. Overall, the course keeps you engaged in learning as long as you are interested to learn.”

Aman Bhardwaj, 3rd-year law student

“The course is very well structured. Apart from the theoretical knowledge the course also provides real-life situation problems which further helps the students in their legal career.”

“I was able to tackle one such situation due to this course as my internship coordinator once randomly asked to draft a legal notice and reply to another legal notice, which I was able to draft successfully as I had already learnt how to draft notices and reply in earlier assignments of the course.”

“The course benefits people ranging from law students to law teachers to practicing advocates and also people who own a company and need to protect their IPR.”

“Innovative learning assignments motivates me to for my performance and the fact that the best assignment answers are published in the iPleaders blog.”

Sanjana Sen, Law Graduate

“Currently, I am looking for an internship/job as I have completed my graduation. This learning is actually helping me to go through the interviews well. The course keeps me updated with the concepts with which otherwise I am out the touch.”

“People who are really inclined towards IPR and Media laws and want to make a career in it will surely benefit from this. This course gives you the basic insight of what these laws mean and how to deal with them in day to day basis. This course helps you to create interest and pursue in-depth knowledge of the same.”

“Frankly, I look forward to these exercises as I wait to learn something new every week;, especially writings articles. I love to write and when it comes to an interesting topic, I really try my best to give my 100% in writing articles.”

“Honestly, the weekly exercises have become a routine for me now & I love it when I solve them and learn the nitty-gritties.”

Sangini Nagpal, 3rd year LLB Student

Assignment related to trademark dispute really helped me in learning and in my recent internship, the IPR work given to me was a cakewalk.

Companies, law firms dealing with the IPR work and required IPR filings in the running of the business of the company and the clients will be benefited the most.

I’m very consistent with completing my assignments on time and thoroughly going through the material and web sources along with the precedents to the problem (if any) while completing my assignments. It is very beneficial in learning and getting a wide aspect.

Prateek Pandey, 5th Year BA LLB Student

“Learning about Trademark really helped me in my Internship while dealing with Trademark Cases.”

“People from legal profession who have interest in IPR can get an immense benefit and by doing weekly exercises they can enhance their knowledge.”

“The key for being consistent was to never miss the deadline and rather working much before deadlines.”

Entrepreneurship Administration and Business Laws

Colin Fernandes, Tax Manager

“I enjoyed learning all the modules but enjoyed module 3 more as it covers corporate governance and companies act.”

“I could understand and explain other why board meetings and committees are important for companies even if they are privately owned.”

“The course is a blend of business administration and law. Great for lawyers, but even non-lawyers can benefit.”

“I learnt why contracts are important, what clauses are important, how you negotiate them.”
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“I enjoy doing the exercises as it increases my knowledge. I do not complete the exercise with an intention to score but to learn. The reading materials and the weekly sessions conducted by Komal ma’am assist in completing the exercises. In spite of the busy schedule, I make it a point to attempt them.”

Uzair Ahmad Khan, 5th Year BA LLB Student

“Writing an article is the best thing I learned in this course. I had no idea before joining this course on how to write an article, how to research but when you guided me on how to write an article that helped me a lot.”

“I submit every article assignment. Initially, a  lot of improvements was required. Your evaluators helped me to work on my mistakes and supported again and again. And now I get good marks. I have started getting 8, 9 marks out of 10. Even my articles are now of publishable quality and my articles got published on iPleaders blog.”

“After joining the course I opted for Moot court competition and I won that, because of legal research which I learned in this course.”

“Initially I used to submit exercises after the due date as I was not that trained enough but after submitting 4-5 assignments I have now got a grip on it. Now I submit the exercise within due date. This urge to learn, perform consistently comes from inside. No one can motivate you to do this until you want to bring change in your career.”

Mohd. Hashim Miyan, 5th Year BA LLB Student

“Most crucial was learning about partnership firms, business entities, companies. I wasn’t aware earlier about all these in depth and this course helped me to understand how to use law in real life.”

“An urge to learn things which we couldn’t learn in college, developing my skills and achieving goals keeps me motivated.”

Apekshya Koirala, BA LLB Student

“Most crucial learning for me is time management. Writing assignments made me research on new topics. Initially, I took 2 hours to understand the whole concept and now if I get any topic I can do good research and complete that fast.”

“Drafting of shareholders agreement and other such drafting exercises were very new to me. I was never taught about this in our college.”

“We don’t get such practical learning in our class. Here we get exposure to practical learning. So I would say every student and every working professional should do this if they want to learn legal skills practically.”

“One should be disciplined. Many times I also feel that I should miss this week’s exercise but my discipline doesn’t allow me to skip any exercise.”

Ashish Vishwakarma, 5th Year BA LLB Student

“The practical learning which we get from all the exercises on which we work is great. Being a fifth-year student in college I have edge over other students as I have worked on these exercises and I perform better in drafting sessions in college.”

“Every Law student should do this course. When we start a job, initially for 6 months we just spend on learning how we could implement what we learnt in college. This course has given me that confidence early on. I know how to do a lot of legal work practically.”

“Exercises which we get are very nicely planned and whatever questions we are getting are with reference material. Along with that I do some more research and complete the exercises. And I have an interest in corporate laws so that makes me work on these and completing the exercises.

Roshan Karthik, Co-Founder – Environment & Sustainability, EarthFokus

The team has actually made the course simple to understand and apply them in reality. I am not from Law background but I can easily understand the concepts. I actually have a small startup and it is in the inception stage. Lessons learned around things like how to draft NDA, lease agreements etc have been very useful in real life.

“Every person who wants to learn and understand the basic concepts of law should do the course. It will be very useful for those who want to start their own firms.”

“If you are serious in your work no other motivation is required. If you want to actually learn you will perform consistently.”

Vineet Kumar Sonwanshi, Manager- Defence- BHARAT ELECTRONICS

“You know, I am presently discussing NDA for joint business with a multinational French company. Also, I am executing office commercial lease agreement (which is between in An Indian and Vietnamese company in bilingual form), which is very stringent commercially. I had been involved in many contract drafting of Rs 500 -1000 Crs projects earlier in India without any legal background. Now I am correlating my new learning with my experience and applying it to my present work too.”

“In addition to people from a legal background, this course may be very useful for professionals like me who are dealing the cases at ground level without having any legal background and legal support. Please note, companies do not always hire legal professionals for every case and they expect their executives to perform this duty too.”

“First, I try to attend the online session of Ms. Komal Ma’am always, which helps me with the understanding of the topic. Second, I read reference topic material 2-3 times (for better understanding). Most of the time, I get answer or clue for the answer from the reference material. Third, the help of the Internet of course.”

Tushar Mudgil, Law Researcher, Delhi State Legal Services Authority

“Most crucial learning would be in depth learning of contracts, various clauses of an agreement and how they must be crafted. Crafting an agreement or a clause of agreement in a proper manner is an art, in which I am yet to excel, but I believe this course has somewhere or the other given me the right direction towards excellence.”

“The very first module of the course deals with structuring a business. I’m helping one of my friend to register his firm as an LLP, all because of what I have learnt from the diploma.”

“Everyone can benefit from such learning, from law students to professionals. A law student can imbibe the right application of law by doing weekly exercises even before entering the professional world,  which will give him/her an upper edge when he/she enters the professional world.”

“I always wanted to know more about company law and business laws, but traditional college studies don’t teach you the practical aspect of laws. At least my college did not.”

“Initially when I started with the course, I used to study different modules. But since I’m also doing a job, I get less time. After   I realised every exercise covered at least 3-4 chapters of a module. So I would study those 3-4 chapters and understand them in a day or two and complete the exercise on the third day. So, all in all, I would dedicate 3-5 hours of study in two days and then complete the exercise. I take 3 days to complete an exercise.”

“The major motivation for completing the exercise is the practical learning with each and every exercise. I get to learn something new and helpful.”

Contract Drafting, Negotiation and Dispute Resolution

Vatsal Dhar, Legal Professional

“With the help of this course, I got awareness about the commercial intent of the parties while entering into an agreement. For example, representation & warranties clauses helped me understand the ways in which the possibility of risk related to the transaction can be mitigated.”

“I learnt the way and the manner in which one should visualise the circumstances while defending the client from both sides.”
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“This course will be beneficial to law graduates who are in their earlier career years and wish to upgrade their knowledge and Law Students in their final year who wish to get practical exposure of agreements in different industries. Also, professionals in other departments working closely with the legal teams in their respective organisations will find it as an eye opener.”

“In order to succeed in this diploma course of advanced contract drafting, negotiation and dispute resolution, one has to be consistent in his/her approach from Day 1.”

“Thorough understanding about the agreement is required before initiating the drafting itself. Each and every clause in a contract is very vital as it differs from industry to industry, therefore one needs to devote around 6-8 hrs each week for completing the assignment in the best possible manner. Also, regular feedback on exercises will certainly help you improve in your drafting style.”

Sreejit Nair, Advocate – Gujarat High Court

“Every assignment solved till date was very useful. Especially syndicate loan agreement and enforceability of MOU were very knowledgeable. Enforceability of MOU is useful and can be applied while executing an MOU.”

“Everyone can benefit from this learning especially law students, law interns, fresh lawyers and practising lawyer as well. This course is useful to sharpen the non-litigation skills.”

“Carefully understanding and analysing the assignment exercise is very important. Apart from that, referring to the relevant templates proves to be helpful.”

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