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This article is written by Ramanuj Mukherjee.

Do you remember a few moments when you were perfectly happy?

Moments when there were no fear, no worries, no sadness, and life felt beautiful.

There was nowhere to go. You were exactly where you belonged in that moment. 

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There was no craving for something else, no dissatisfaction with what was happening.

When I look back, I can only remember some moments.

Do you have some such moments?

  1. Climbing up the slopes towards our apartment in Nerul, with my two cofounders, one of whom I was also dating at the time. Three of us worked hard from a small apartment to make an improbable dream come true. Almost nobody other than the three of us believed that it would work. And we had not a shred of doubt that it would work. I don’t know why those days felt just perfect. We had little money, a lot of confidence and we woke up with a purpose every morning, and we toiled to make things move in the direction of our dreams. We could not even afford a good restaurant or cafe, and we mostly used to go for filter coffee and vada sambar to a small south Indian restaurant nearby. That was about all the luxury we could afford at the time. 
  2. Taking my first flight, traveling to Delhi. I missed a train for an important event I was invited to. I was just out of school. There was a strike and I missed the train the organisation that was inviting me had paid for. So I cried. My father then bought me a plane ticket. It was a big deal. My parents at that point had never flown in a plane. But they put my growth ahead and sent me on a flight to Delhi so I will not miss my event. While I was on the flight, it felt like my dreams had wings. Anything was possible. 
  3. Walking through the streets in a small historic town in Russia called Veliki Novgorod as it snowed all around me. I didn’t feel cold. I had to walk 5 more kms to reach my hotel, but I almost wished that that walk didn’t end.
  4. The feeling of earning the first real money. It was magical and life changing, it happened when I was in 2nd year of college. I got a check of Rs 9000. 1k was deducted as TDS. When the money hit my bank, I went to the mall nearby and bought clothes I wanted to buy and not what my parents chose for me. And I treated my friends. The pride and joy of that was unparalleled. 
  5. Experiencing runners high for the first time. When you are sprinting and the wind whooshes past your ears, it feels like you have  a new perspective of life – it’s amazing. 
  6. Teaching a class when the time did not matter. An one hour class stretched to 4 and students didn’t want to leave. The joy of making young minds discover the pleasures of studying law – it continues to captivate me today. I knew I would not want to do this in the suffocating environment of traditional academia, so I built LawSikho. Today it does not only give my passion a home, but many amazing lawyers who would love to teach outside the traditional academia finds LawSikho a suitable platform for them to spread their knowledge and insights. 
  7. Travelling abroad for the first time, while I was still a law student and being able to pay for it myself. This happened when I was in 3rd year. I went to Glasgow to present a paper in the International Astronautical Congress in space law related to intercontinental ballistic missiles. But my real motive was to travel of course. I explored the Scottish countryside and the highlands, visited small harbour towns, discovered beer and went around London and made friends with strangers on the street. I could not afford suitable warm clothes so I had borrowed a really oversized mountaineering jacket from a trekker uncle and I looked homeless most of the time! But I had no idea about that of course, I was on top of the world.

When I look back at those perfect moments, you know what was the common thread I see?

None of them were really perfect. Problems existed. 

Still, I was grateful for these incredible opportunities. I had many problems but I wasn’t thinking about them. I was focusing on the blessings.

It became possible because I was living into a future I was looking forward to. 

I had a purpose. I had a belief that my future would be amazing. I had full confidence that I would make something amazing out of my life and I pursued those goals every day.

When I had a clear vision of my future and I toiled towards what I wanted from life, I was happy and on top of the world. I was aligned with my nature and my purpose. 

Do you have a purpose that drives you? Do you have a vision that lights up your eyes? What would help you to achieve the alignment with your nature and your purpose?

What makes sure that you will not fear any struggle or all the failures you will encounter on your way to your destiny?

Life has been good and kind to me. But I have never accepted anything less. I have never stopped working towards what I wanted when I didn’t even have my basic needs met. I didn’t allow myself to be a victim of circumstances. I didn’t give others the power to decide my destiny. I stopped at nothing. 

And being able to work on your vision is a great privilege.

What is your vision? Where will you be 5 years down the line? What excites you about that?

If there is nothing exciting, then invent something that will be exciting for you. What else will give you the strength to work tirelessly towards it?

If you are stuck somewhere, unable to work on your vision, or unable to even imagine it, talk to us. We will help you to set powerful, winnable goals and create a roadmap. It’s not about whether you buy a course from us or not! We do these counselling calls with hundreds of lawyers every day. A few buy our courses, most don’t but that’s absolutely ok. I am excited that so many people get great value from these calls.

Just like the hundreds of free webinars we do and how we run the massive iPleaders blog, read by over 50k people per day without charging a dime. 

So what do you say? Want us to help you to develop a vision that will add some magic to the story of your life?

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