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In this article, Uzzair Khan discusses top 15 YouTube channels for legal professionals.

Serial Number Channel Name Country Subscribers Video Views Topmost viewed videos
1 Law & Crime Network United States of America 96,975 32,734,886 Daniel Villegas Retrial Verdict 10/05/18
2 Shouse Law Group Channel United States of America 27,205 10,142,409 3 things cops CAN’T make you do at a DUI stop
3 Youtuber Law United States of America 40,388 2,585,307 Can Dominos Force Samcrac to Return the DXP? Can a Car be Trademark Infringement?
4 The Law Simplified Sri Lanka


37,630 2,714,093 Negligence – Duty of Care
5 Stanford law school United States of America  




Faculty on Point | Professor Paul Goldstein on Copyright Law
6 Steve Vondran United States of America 10,397 1,399,843 How to win a small claims court lawsuit
7  USLawEssentials United States of America 14,337 1,863,898 What is Federalism?
8  Wild About Trial United States of America 8,751 1,814,887 Lacynthia A. Tidmore Sentencing
9  Bloomberg Law United States of America 13,725 2,551,662 Here’s What Taking the Bar Exam Is Really Like
10   Learn Law Better United States of America 16,672 494,168 Best Major for Law School
11 Cambridge Law Faculty United Kingdom 12,975 999,482 Example Cambridge Law Admissions Interview
12  NYU School of Law United States of America 8,732 1,193,068 The Forum: Right to Say: Freedom, Respect, and Campus Speech
13 Thomson Reuters Legal UK & Ireland United Kingdom 2,616 285,228 Interview tips and how to stand out at a law firm
14  Harvard University United States of America 832,953 81,411,218 Justice: What’s The Right Thing To Do? Episode 01 “THE MORAL SIDE OF MURDER”
15  University of Chicago Law School United States of America 4,461 409,384 Martha Nussbaum, “Creating Capabilities: The Human Development Approach”

1. Law & Crime Network

Follow the law & Crime network channel to keep up with live court videos, high-profile criminal trials, celebrity justice, smart legal analysis, and crazy crime. It brings you the days biggest legal trials controversies.

2. Shouse Law Group Channel

Shouse Law Group is a California-based law firm that represents citizens in personal injury, criminal defense, employment cases, and immigration. Channel law group with the help of youtube channel they help the viewers to know about their basic laws and what to do if you stuck in a legal problem?

3. YouTuber Law

Youtuber Law focuses on the more rational legal side of technology, gaming, and online world. The main objective of the channel is to present the legal side of conflicts, arguments, and concerns about the issues that are important. You can also present your argument on the concerned topic on the weekly live stream.

4. The Law Simplified

This channel is created by the Shaveen Bandaranayake from Sri Lanka who is graduated from the University of London in LL.B (Hons). In his channel The Law Simplified he provide a series of short, concise and easy to follow videos covering LLB subjects.

5. Stanford law school

This channel is operated by the Stanford Law School and it provides information about the culture of Stanford law school as for how it inspires new ideas, explores innovative solutions that cross disciplines. It also uploads the Stanford law school professor videos on different legal topics.

6. Steve Vondran

In this youtube channel, Steve Vondran educate people regarding different legal topics such as federal copyright infringement cases, BitTorrent illegal movie download cases, technology, and social media law, licensing and audits and real state broker accusations.

7. USLawEssentials

The videos on this channel are suitable for viewers who do not speak English as a first language. USLawEssentials explains legal concepts visually and creates videos for people with different levels of background in the law. This channel was founded by an attorney and professor who taught in the United States and overseas.

8. Wild About Trial

Wild About Trial is a channel which focuses on the criminal trials and it gives viewers up to the minute news and legal expert analysis of the most gripping criminal cases taking place across the nation.

9. Bloomberg Law

Bloomberg Law channels deliver a unique combination of the comprehensive primary and secondary source material, practical guidance, trusted news, practice tools, analysis, business intelligence, and market data. This channel also has a playlist on different topics such as what’s trending on law, podcasts and acing legal jobs interviews etc.

10. Learn Law Better

If you are a student and you want to succeed in law school then this channel is for you. The episodes are created by Beau Baez, who has taught thousands of law students since 2000 and who has also received the best teacher of the year award at two law schools. By watching the episodes of learning law better you can earn better grades in law school by learning how to write better law school essay exams, studying smarter and learning the law easily.

11. Cambridge Law Faculty

The University of Cambridge has been teaching since the thirteenth century and continues to rank as one of the leading national and international destinations to study law. This channel offers videos from the Cambridge faculty of law and educates people on different legal issues.

12. NYU School of Law

New York School of Law has a long record of academic excellence, innovative schemes, national scholarly influence, and innovative achievements. The NYU School of Law channel provide the insights of the New York School of Law such as events highlights, students stories, summer work and internships and scholarship at NYU Law.

13. Thomson Reuters Legal UK & Ireland

Thomson Reuters Legal UK & Ireland provides the best legal solutions to help the practising lawyer and help them to grow their business. The youtube channel of Thomson Reuters Legal UK & Ireland create videos on topics such as interview tips and how to stand out a law firm, how to develop skills which are needed to be a good lawyer etc.

14. Harvard University

This youtube channel shares video content about life and learning that takes place on Harvard University Campus and around the world. If you want to know how things go in Harvard then subscribe this channel.

15. University of Chicago Law School

The University of Chicago has a youtube channel as University of Chicago Law School. In this channel, there are videos of lectures and other events from the University of Chicago Law School.

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