Top 5 Selfish Reasons Why You Should Start A Blog Today

It will help you to build an authority on the subject you write on – only if you write about the right things.

Write about what you are expert at, something that you love to talk about, something that gets you thinking, something you are passionate about and people will engage you, question you, and ask you for help. That’s the first step to building authority and a professional circle through a blog.
It is not necessary to write a professional blog, even if you write funny things about politicians or your Sunday cooking or suburban photography, it still has the same effect describes above.

Writing a well-executed blog demonstrates many qualities in you – it is you living resume the world can read.

It will be found very easily by anyone who wants to find out who you are and if you are worth their time. When they google, if they find your writing on what is relevant to them, you get a chance to impress them with good writing skills, your critical thinking, arguments, passion or whatever is important to you. Then some of them subscribe and become followers and Facebook fans – by that they accept your authority and say that they want to know whatever you may have to say in future again. That’s something quite serious, isn’t it?

Blogging really develops writing skills and thinking skills

It makes you think about things you’d miss out otherwise. It teaches you to think from the perspective of your audience – which is a rare and valuable ability in almost any profession – to be perceptive about the client, the buyer, or the guy dealing with you.

Blogging leads to great networking – inevitably

There are a lot of intelligent, smart, attractive people online – writing and reading. They are eager to discover something valuable, and to build relationships. Blogging makes it easy as you share some of your knowledge and personality with your readers. It helps people to know and understand each other, it encourages people to get in touch with you. And when they finally talk to you, somehow they think they already know you.


 It helps you to get out of the rut

We work at our best when our mind is active, everyone knows that. But getting the mind active is no easy task. My experience says that blogging can be used as a crutch when you are at a low point, when you are stuck, when you just can’t dare to get out of your comfort zone.
So many people tell me that it doesn’t make sense to start a blog for them because they have nothing to write about. What they mean is that they are not comfortable writing about what excites them, they are not sure people will find it worth reading, they feel vulnerable to lay open the flaws in their writing and thinking for scrutiny of other people, and of course, there is an inertia which has to overcome if you are going to write a bloody good blog. It’s a good opportunity to flip things around, and just start getting out of the comfort zone. It’s infectious and very rewarding, it fuels a cycle as you go along the path of getting better.

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