This article is written by Uzair Ahmad Khan, student, Teerthanker Mahaveer University.


Internet usage in India has skyrocketed in recent years, especially after the country’s richest man, Mukesh Ambani, disrupted the telecom market with the launch of Reliance Jio, which offered data at dirt-cheap rates. Within three months of its launch, the upstart drew over 50 million users. Analysts predict Jio will garner over 400 million users by March 2020.

The internet is really bringing revolution in the life of people as due to the internet one can learn anything around the world only in just a click. For example, Youtube is one of the most viewed websites around the world because of the content it shares with the world. On Youtube, there are a variety of channels from entertainment to learning  one can find, in my earlier article I had written about Top 15 YouTube Channels for Legal Updates from Around the World now in this article I have listed top Ten Youtube Channels about law in India that you should subscribe to brush up your legal knowledge.

Serial Number Channel Name Subscribers Video Views Topmost viewed videos
1 ISHAN LLB 2,171,584 138,582,240 20 Legal Rights that Every Indian Should Know






Civil Procedure Code 1908


3 Sanyog Vyas Law Classes






The Indian Contract Act 1872


4 Indian Law School


46,088 3,067,937


Jurisprudence: Introduction to Theory of Law



My Law





The Case that Triggered an Emergency



NALSAR University of Law





AMU Crises :Who Has Got Jinnah ‘s Picture Published Everywhere? | Prof. Faizan Mustafa


7 Avani Bansal






Kanoon – Law on Dishonour of Cheques (चेक के बाउंस होने पर कानून)


8 LAW IN INDIA 18,344












Anticipatory Bail- Meaning,Essentials,Case laws | BAIL SERIES


10 LawSikho 5,204 204,255 How to prepare for All India Bar Examination

1. Ishan LLB

Ishan LLB is a youtube channel which is created by Ishan Siddiqui. In this channel, Ishan educates people in a simple way about their basic legal rights. Apart from legal education Ishan also discusses topics such as technology, motivation, and finance. The mode of language in which the topics are discussed is in Hindi.

2. Sudhir Sachdeva

Sudhir Sachdeva is a youtube legal education channel. In this channel, there are sessions conducted on legal topics and discussed by the Sudhir Sachdeva. This channel is one of the most viewed channels in regard to legal education.

3. Sanyog Vyas Law Classes

This channel is again one of the most viewed channels on youtube by law students, CS students. The topics which are mainly discussed on this channel are company law, economic and commercial laws, industrial labor and general laws.

4. Indian Law School

Indian Law School is a channel which covers a vast range of different law topics such as Indian evidence act, IPC, Hindu laws, Crpc-criminal Procedure, the constitution of India, taxation laws and many more. The mode of language in which topics are discussed is in Hindi.

5. My Law

My Law is one of the fastest growing Indian youtube channels. In this channel, one can find interviews with different legal eagles of the legal industry who will guide the viewers on how to succeed in the law field. The mode of the language of this channel is English.

6. NALSAR University of Law

NALSAR University of law is one of the top law colleges in India. The youtube channel of this university contains great lectures by the faculty of NALSAR University and also lectures by the guest faculty which comes to visit NALSAR. If you want to experience the teaching experience of NALSAR law college then you must subscribe to the channel.

7. Avani Bansal

This channel is created by Avani Bansal who did her LLM from Harvard Law School. The original name of the channel is Hamara Kanoon. The main objective of this channel is to explain some main laws in simple language. The mode of the language of this channel in Hindi.

8. Law in India 

Law in India is a Hindi youtube channel which explains different legal subjects in a simple way by uploading short videos. You can find many videos on the subject of IPC 1860.

9. ASAP Law

Whether you are a law student, lawyer, interested in CLAT, an aspirant for judicial services exam, Civil services exam, PCS exams or other competitive exams or just a layman looking to brush up on law and want to understand your right this channel will surely help you. ASAP Law was founded by a former judge with a vision to make legal education simple and fun again.

10. LawSikho

LawSikho is another one of the fastest growing Indian Legal youtube channels. In this channel, the CEO of LawSikho Ramanuj Mukherjee conduct a live session called an hour with lawsikho every day. In this session every day a new guest is invited from the different field of law and Ramanuj Mukherjee interviews them by asking different questions about their respective filed. The great thing about this is session is that the viewers of LawSikho can ask direct questions from the invited guest with whom the session is conducted.


The above-listed channels provide insights into legal knowledge. This is useful for everyone irrespective of the fact whether you are from legal field or not.

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