The TRA Contract Drafting Competition 2017 is organised by TRA in association with NLSIU, Bangalore as academic partner and UBER as thought partner.

The Competition is intended to engage with law students and introduce and further the art of modern contract drafting. The subject matter of the Competition, summarised in the “Case-Brief”, also provides participants a unique opportunity to work in areas where laws and regulations are yet to develop. This takes away from the participants the comfort of legal certainty provided by statutes and judicial decisions. In order to address the legal challenges of their fictional client, participants will have to rely on first-principles and analogous bodies of law.

The competition is open to both Indian and foreign law students in their individual capacity.

Winners will receive:

  • top prize of 10,000/-
  • runners-up prize of 5000/-
  • two special commendations of 2,500/-

Further, all winners will be extended an offer of internship of up to 60 (sixty) days with TRA. All participants will be provided with a certificate acknowledging participation.

Students must register by clicking “sign up” on the official page of the Competition. Rules and regulations governing the submission are provided in the Information Handbook along with other important information.  You should also visit the official facebook page of the Competition. Additional information pertaining to the Competition shall be shared there from time to time.

Last date for Registration: 1st March, 2017

Last date for Submissions: 10th March, 2017


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