Jay Sayta
A unique course on gambling laws and how to start a gambling business has been launched by Jay Sayta, founder of http://glaws.in/, India’s first and only website monitoring gaming industry related developments. Sayta, the founder of glaws.in has been writing on gaming-industry related issues since 2010 and has been quoted by the national and international media on this area, offers a concise summary of the critical issues faced by the gaming industry in an interactive and lucid format.
The course, launched on popular legal portal lawsikho.com seeks to provide insights on the gaming industry in India, which is both fascinating and riddled with legal barriers.
Topics such as legality of poker, rummy, fantasy sports and skill games in India, lottery and other contests, betting on horse-racing, process to start a casino in the country, online gaming and states where it is legal, taxation and FDI issues will be covered in the course, which would have videos, interactive charts and tables and exclusive documents not readily available in the public domain.
Price at Rs. 599/- the course would provide answers to most queries relating to gambling, betting or lotteries lingering in the minds of students, entrepreneurs, gaming industry professionals, lawyers, consultants and other professionals. The preview and outline of the course is available here.
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