Effort, Beginning and Change

Make the effort to start.

change beginning

What are we scared of?

We are scared of the steps involved in the process. Most often, steps that we can not foresee or perceive.
We are hesitant when it comes to starting something that involves a genuine change. You may not want to take the trouble, bear the hassle that is involved in initiating something that brings change. The hesitation includes the fear of failing, in the beginning, after one step, or maybe right before the end.

Why should you make the effort to start

Because you cannot succeed till the time you don’t start!
Nothing is easy. Feeling of being on the top of Mount Everest will be always good but the way to it can never be a cake walk. Also, it involves a change of state in your body and mind – from a being hindered by inertia to an active, fighting man or woman. This is true for every effort you take for the target you want to achieve. Begin something, then align your body and mind and set out to achieve it.
A friend of mine was mooting this time while researching and preparing her memo she constantly found herself swinging between the state of exasperation and frustration, it was too much to handle. Yesterday, her moot got over, the sense of achievement- exhilaration surrounded her spirit. It could be said that all the efforts and pain she took was worth it.

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You should take the efforts to achieve the end result, to do something that will take you towards what you want to be, if for no reason then just for the heck of overcoming the fear that is surrounding you regarding the task in hand.

Remember, our achievements are determined by the size of our dreams, the dreams for which you need to take steps, initiate, start, work. If you failed last time, there has to be something you can change to stack the odds in your favour this time. Winning is all about pushing the limits. People begin certain kind of things and projects all the time and never see them through. just beginning is rarely enough.



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