Talent Is A Curse

Why do talented people tend to underperform a lot?

We all know such people who evidently have a lot of talent and it shows in every small thing they do – but somehow the breakout success that everyone has been waiting for never takes place.

Someone once said, “Beauty is a curse”. I think, so is talent.

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Beauty sometimes alienates women. Sometimes it makes megalomaniacs out of them, and as many classical playwrights have portrayed, drives them crazy. Sometimes a beautiful woman sees no incentive in self-improvement, development of faculties unrelated to her looks – since she already receives adequate attention.

Talent is worse, especially talent that gets mild recognition and minor success very early.

Those without talent, but determined, works away quietly – knowing they have nothing else to bank on. Those with talent often bet too much on their special abilities, and under-prepare or over-commit.

It was talent that made the rabbit lose the race with the tortoise. A talented person often does not win, because he realized that he is talented, and there are always people in one’s life appreciate just that. Talented people are often too content to work hard.

Do not put a premium on talent alone, especially immature talent, with no track record of success.


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