Why Is It Difficult to Write In Simple English?

Why Is It Difficult to Write In Simple English?Use simple words while writing English.

I’m inviting this to explicate to you why it is arduous for people to inscribe in a language that can be understood by hoi-polloi.

I bet you didn’t get half of what I wrote above and maybe if I continue in such language, you will close the window, or you may look for a dictionary before reading further.

If the readers don’t understand at a glance what I’m writing, what is the point in putting an effort in researching and writing? I have seen many people (and I myself suffered from this ailment) using heavy jargons and words, out of an undying habit or out of a belief that they must flaunt their vocabulary.

Why should you change this habit?

You have to if you want people to read what you are writing, be interested in what you are writing. If you want to be considered as a good writer, there is no way you can achieve it by writing either incorrect or rigid, jargon-heavy English that your intended audience find difficult to read.

How to get rid of it

It is really hard to get rid of this habit and write in simple language. After all, you are so used to it. However, you need to make conscious efforts. After you write something, read it again, see if there are words and jargon that you think people may not understand. If there is a possibility that people may be put off by use of a phrase or jargon, discard it. If there seems to be a more simple or concise way to describe something, then do that. Ask a friend to read it, take her help in assessing the readability of what you write.

Remember, you want people to connect to what you write. The intention is not to hit them with new and heavy words that you may know. That does not impress anyone. When you write something, address it to the people and not at the people.


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