Sankalp Gupta completed his law degree from Faculty of Law, Delhi University in 2015 and is looking after his family business. He has interned with prestigious organisations like the Office of Mr. Milind Deora, Ministry of IT & Communication and Shipping, the office of Hon’ble Justice Ms. Gita Mittal, Delhi High Court etc. He has even volunteered for Delhi State Legal Service Authority.

He completed the NUJS diploma in entrepreneurship administration and business law in 2015 and completed his law degree from Faculty of Law, Delhi University the same year. Over here he shares his views about the NUJS diploma course and how the course is benefitting him. Over to Sankalp

I enrolled for the NUJS diploma in entrepreneurship administration and business law while I was in the final year of my law school. I found out about the course online. By the time of joining the course I had made up my mind that I will not be practicing as a lawyer and would join my family business. So I wanted a better understanding of business laws and entrepreneurship; how the laws are used while negotiating contracts etc.  When I  came across the content of the course, I felt that it was in line with my needs such as better understanding of business laws.

I’m finding the course to be useful in my business for tasks like drafting and reviewing MOUs.  In my current role, I’m reviewing my company’s non-disclosure agreements and MOUs and feel that the course comes handy in these tasks.

My family runs a chain of diagnostic labs in one of the major cities in India.  The business involves agreements and contracts with franchisees, hospitals and other diagnostic labs.  As the company has over 100 employees, it has to deal with employee contracts too.  My father is a doctor without any background in business or law and he felt that things like non-disclosure agreements and employment contracts were being neglected.  With my law degree and the diploma in business management, I find myself better equipped to emphasize on these aspects of business.

 I would definitely recommend this course to any who wants to start a business, wants to know what is currently happening in e-commerce space, one who is new to law or does not have any knowledge of law. I would say anyone who wants to startup business or join their family business should do this course so that they get to know about business laws and don’t get fooled by others. This course is helpful to everyone because of its great content.


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