I was searching for a legal course which can enhance my career motives. Came across many sites, however, did not find anything interesting though. One fine day, came across this Diploma in Entrepreneurship Administration and Business Laws course of NUJS, wherein I found the course material was amazing which can help me in my current job profile. I’ve already completed this course and waiting for the results. In addition to this I’ve enrolled myself for M.A in Business Law course as well. Moreover, I’ve referred to few of my colleagues to go for these courses as the practical impact of the course is immensely helpful. So, those who are looking forward to learn something about the Business and Entrepreneurship Law can be benefitted to a great extent from the courses that iPleaders is offering.

The total experience was wonderful with iPleaders; I must say they have been very helpful. Even at the age of 67 years I felt motivated to go ahead with this course because of the content of the modules of the course. This was indeed a lifetime opportunity for me. Both theoretical and practical aspects of the course made me very efficient in my day today job. It is not only about one’s job or profession; this course can be very helpful in every aspect of one’s life. There are many legal proceedings in my day today work life which requires good amount of knowledge in Law. This course has taught me a lot. Now I can do all his legal drafting, contracts and agreements, arbitration and negotiation clause related to business confidently. It gave me immense ‘Value Addition’ in my current job profile.

It’s not only about our career or professional life; can we really do anything serious about our property or family matter without the help of Law? What’s the harm if we acquire a good amount of knowledge, both theoretical and practical at such a reasonable cost?

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