If you are planning to write a book, this may be very necessary. If you approach a publisher for this, he will get this done for you at some cost. But for those who are planning to self-publish and can get it printed themselves, this is top priority. Also, to list your books on websites like Flipkart and Infibeam, you would need an ISBN number. So where and how do you get this number? Read on:

How to get an ISBN no. in India

In India the registration authority is New Delhi based Raja Rammohun Roy National Agency for ISBN.


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Step 1

Decide and finalize the font, the size of the pages, the margins, the cover page, everything. When you apply for ISBN you have to necessarily fill in the number of pages. The process being very strict wouldn’t be flexible enough to let you change the number of pages later.


Step 2

Get a print of your book just the way you want it to be published, and marketed. You would need to send a printed version of the front and back cover of your book, and you would need to mention if it’s a hard bound or soft bound in your application to the authorities concerned.


Step 3

Decide the price at which you would sell it. This is going to be the maximum retail price. Remember to make some profit you’ll have to consider the amount of commission and the amount of overheads within the maximum retail price.
Typical costs include:
Printing, binding, storage, marketing, publisher’s commission, etc. If you want to keep Rs. 100 out of every book you may have to price it at Rs. 250.

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Step 4

Fill in this draft application:


In-charge of ISBN Allotment

Raja Rammohan Roy National Agency for ISBN
Government of India
Ministry of Human Resource Development
A2/W4, Curzon Road Barracks
Kasturba Gandhi Marg
New Delhi: 110001

Phone: +91-11-23384687


Dear Sir/Madam,

Subject:  Issuance of ISBN for my self-published book ‘<<Insert title of the book here>>

I have self published by book titled <<Insert title of the book here>> and need an ISBN to be assigned to the same. The details are given below:


Title of Book:
Year of Publication:
Place of Publication:
Paperback or Hardback:
Address for Communication:
<<Write address for communication here>>


The copy of Cover Page and my identity proof are enclosed with the application.
Request you to kindly issues me an ISBN for this book.


Thanking you
<<Write your name and sign after taking a printout>>



  1. Copy of Cover Page
  2. Copy of Id Proof
  3. Self Addressed envelope for return communication

This draft letter covers all the details which you need to submit in order for them to make a new database entry.


Step 5

Enclose all the documents as mentioned in the draft letter above, along with a self-addressed envelope.


Step 6

Send it to this address:
Raja Rammohun Roy National Agency for ISBN
West Block-I, Wing-6, 2nd Floor,
Sector -I, R.K. Puram,
New Delhi-110066
Phone: +91-11-26172903/26172916


Step 7

What else? No I didn’t miss anything. Yes that’s right, getting an ISBN is free in INDIA.
Jay ho!


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  1. How is copyright protected via ISBN or UBN? What authorities exist in India to protect or file claim for any violation or what are the rules as regards the violation? someone using your creativity or content, how can you go about it legally? How can I sell my book outside India? I am self publisher as I do not wish go through the hassle of finding a good publisher as I heard a lot negative about Publishing houses..
    reply is solicited..
    Thanks In advance.

  2. When I attempted to apply online for ISBN there were options for uploading book cover, recto verso etc. and ‘application’. I can upload book cover, recto, verso etc. but how can I upload pdf or jpg of application since I am applying online?

  3. you have all been so helpful. Thank you so very much for promptly replying to queries. i learnt. will post questions if i need your help.

  4. Rajesh you can write ‘Self Publisher’ in publisher option. ISBN centre is waste of time, and they delay the process for 8 to 12 months, even after that there is no surety, you know the government offices how they run. Best option is to contact UABN : Universal Agency for Book Number. UBN is international number issued for books by UABN. You should mail to [email protected] and get your UBN easily. It protects copyright issues for your books. Send them titile of book, book format hard/ paperback/ online version, author/ publisher, country of publishing, there you can buy UBN IN JUST 24 HOURS. UBN gives you better online sales upto 56%

  5. Mayya… you can E-mail to [email protected] and can get UBN (Universal Book Number) very easily on same day within 24 hours. Its so easy. Thanks Sachin.. for sharing nice information through this wonderful blog. I could self publish my 4 books with Universal Book Number (UBN). You need to tell them Title of your book and Author’s & publisher’s information via email [email protected]
    Kumar, you are right it is waste of time to contact ISBN Centre, they did not give any reply to my friend’s request for ISBN for 8 months.

  6. Nice blog. ISBN center in India do not give any reply for ISBN Nos. My application is pending there since 6 months, no one picks up calls also. Instead its better to get UBN: Universal Book Number. UBN is issued by UABN : Universal Agency for Book Number. UBN is international number issued for books. I mailed to [email protected] and got UBN instantly and could publish my book without delay. Thanks to Publisher from Mumbai for this kind help


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