Lavina, a lawyers who is also a qualified CS, on how an online course made a difference in her career

November 02, 2015


Lavina Manghnani, a GLC Mumbai graduate, completed the NUJS diploma in Entrepreneurship Administration and Business Laws in 2014. She is a certified Company Secretary from ICSI and is currently working as an associate at the Mumbai office of Indian Law Partners, a leading cross border transaction firm with best friend arrangements with Ashurst (a leading international law firm headquartered in London). She pursued her legal studies, CS as well as the NUJS business law diploma at the same time. We asked Lavina how the course helped her so far in her career, and she had very interesting things to talk about. We decided to share it with all of you as a success story. Over to Lavina.

When I took up the course, I was in my second year of CS. I saw an online advertisement for this course. I was very impressed by reading just the overview of the course and decided to do it. I was sure that this diploma is going to benefit me.

The course provided the necessary understanding of concepts such as corporate laws, contracts, tax, labour laws etc. It prepared me to easily understand concepts and speeded up my research on particular topics when needed. When I was appearing for my CS final exams, I referred the notes of my diploma course for an effective refresher on topics like procedural aspects of law and other corporate law basics.

The drafting marathon in which we drafted several contracts on a given situation was a really good experience. It gave me an insight into different kind of agreement, clauses etc. It gave me hands on experience of drafting, much before I would get such an opportunity at my work. Learning the theory part is very different from practically preparing a draft. It introduced me to the kind of language which has to be implemented, as it’s not the normal English which is used to draft these.

The NUJS diploma in Entrepreneurship Administration and Business Laws is an umbrella course with good exposure to every aspect of business laws. The case studies really helped me in understanding the concepts and to differentiate between similar concepts. The course introduces us to practical aspects in a very easy going and engaging manner. The sessions with lawyers and industry experts provided insights into advanced topics that I could not learn otherwise.

The video lectures and webinars helped me clear my basics. I have mentioned this diploma in my resume and I’m sure it has left a positive impact on my interviewers. The strong knowledge of basic laws gained from this diploma has helped me answer my interview questions as well. I wish there was much more personal interaction during the course, that would have really made a difference.

Any person, from any background can benefit from this diploma course as it’s a good platform to get introduced to practical concepts of law. I would also recommend The NUJS diploma in Entrepreneurship Administration and Business Laws to not just law students but innovators, businessmen, CS, CA and management professionals.


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