Executive Certificate Course in Sexual Harassment Prevention and Workplace Diversity

Annam Suresh, a freelance journalist who is also on the Supreme Court’s Panel for rehabilitation of sex workers and livelihood alternatives, prevention of trafficking, shares her experience of pursuing the NUJS Executive Certificate Course in Sexual Harassment Prevention and Workplace Diversity.

Annam Suresh has been in journalism for the last 17 years and contributed to over 20 publications, such as The Statesman, The Telegraph, Asian Age, Bengal Post, The Hindu, Fountain Ink and Media Voice (Chennai), Deccan Herald, Sakaal times (Pune), The Tribune (Chandigarh), Woman’s Era, Alive, Good Housekeeping, Uday India.

By education, she holds an MBA and a Masters degree in public administration and additional certifications in French and instructional design. She teaches journalism as visiting faculty at the Statesman Journalism Print School. The topics she writes on include – gender, sexual harassment, workplace dynamics and etiquette, trafficking /prostitution/sexual exploitation, development, sexuality and sexual rights, HIV/AIDs,  poverty,  children, human rights, environment, health, education,  youth, lifestyle, family, and relationships. She has received a number of prestigious awards and has also participated in international conferences organized by the Swedish Government and the European Union Parliament. She has consulted a number of NGOs on various projects related to child rights, women’s rights, anti-trafficking, prostitution, etc.

Annam recently pursued NUJS Executive Certification in Sexual Harassment & Workplace Diversity. We asked her some critical questions on what led her to pursue the course.

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1. Why did you take up the NUJS Executive Certificate Course in Sexual Harassment Prevention and Workplace Diversity

As a journalist, panellist, trainer and consultant working extensively on issues related to gender, sexual harassment and workplace dynamics for over two decades, this course was a natural step forward.

2. Have you benefited in any way from the course personally/professionally? If   yes, describe the benefits. What are you looking forward to now?

The course helped me in the following ways:

  1. It provided structured knowledge and understanding and contextualised much of the information and points of reference required in my work.
  2. It worked as a formal certification to leverage my 20+ years of professional experience in the area and provided detailed legal insights into the areas I was reporting on.

now feel equipped to help organizations with full and effective anti-sexual harassment compliance. I have relevant legal information, precedents, and guidelines to undertake audits and advisory roles regarding anti-sexual harassment compliance in various kinds of workplaces.

I am looking forward to opportunities to help organizations with anti-sexual harassment compliance. iPleaders team is supportive on this front and they keep sharing opportunities with me from time to time.


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