This article is written by Abhyuday Agarwal, COO, LawSikho.

The challenges that I face at work are quite straightforward. 

Launch X number of courses on specific themes. 
Find Y number of practitioners to contribute to study materials. 
Build a team of Z number of people for evaluations. 
Improve the quality of classes or the evaluations in specific courses. 
Grow revenues to X amount.  

I am sure your challenges are along similar lines – find a job that earns you X amount, get Y number of clients, perform Z type of work. 

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From time to time, these challenges appear insurmountable to me. 

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When I see myself failing to meet the challenge, I give up. I know you don’t know that, because I have not quit since I started iPleaders and Lawsikho.  

If I give up so frequently and have not quit working, how did I survive?

One of the coping mechanisms I had developed to stay empowered was to take up certain training programs outside of work. 

I found them very useful for growing our team and serving our customers better. 

It was a great decision to participate in such programs, as I learned a lot and applied it. It enabled me to stay empowered in times where others would have lost hope.

However, over time I saw while I stayed empowered, the increase in the results was not as rapid. 

Something was holding me back. 

I reviewed the situation. 

I noticed that where I found something to be difficult, instead of solving the problem then and there, I felt disheartened and gave up. 

Although I didn’t quit my work, I thought that I did not have enough skills to meet the challenge. 

Hence, I looked for more training programs to solve the problem. I spent more hours in such training.

Over time, I realized that this had spiralled out of proportion. I was spending more time acquiring training than actually working on the problems that needed solving. 

I could see that I will not be able to achieve my goals in this manner. Something about my view was preventing me from realizing my goals. 

I noticed that I wanted to have the right formula before I took any action. What was wrong with that? Isn’t it what we all do? 

Since I am hardworking, I was able to find some of the formulae here and there – meditate, do yoga, participate in self-development programs, etc. But the results were too little and too slow. 

In that moment, I had an epiphany. 

There is no ‘right’ formula. There was none in the past, and there is going to be none in the future.

Then, I dived headfirst into the problems I had to solve. I would learn what I need to on the way.  

I started to work on the problems one by one. Hiring more evaluators, conducting more innovative training and guiding the team on documentation of processes. I started to identify more unconventional ways to build content and then explored what systems I could create around it. For example, I sat in a labour court today to understand the proceedings myself. 

I still invest very heavily in various coaching programs and trainings, but this is not with a view to solve the problems at work. 

It emerges from the hunger to have mental peace, to have a better quality of life, stay fulfilled and learn new skills. 

However, I am not abandoning the challenges in my career with a justification that I do not have the skills to solve them. I am not saying I need further training before I can think of solutions. 

Separating the desire for mental peace from my ability to deal with the problem head on has proven very useful for me. 

I can take better care of myself, improve in a more lasting manner and cause better results at work.  

This experience has had a significant impact on the design of our training programs.

From last year onward, our courses underwent a major shift. We were earlier focussing on providing our students the best study materials, but now, we are also looking at the real world results they are capable of producing. 

Now, the top priority for our learners in Lawsikho’s Executive Certificate Courses and Diplomas is to attempt the weekly exercises. 

They can attend the online classrooms (or watch recordings) and go through the reference materials for a specific exercise before attempting the exercise. These tasks do not take long.  

If they are really short of time, they should straight away head for the exercise. 

It is alright if they make mistakes. We evaluate their submissions and give them feedback.

There is no other way to learn, except to take the problem head on. There is no right time, except right now. 

We have seen huge benefits by following this approach. Those who follow it regularly improve very quickly. Learners additionally realize that solving the challenge head-on is an effective way to absorb the skills offered. This is an even bigger breakthrough for them. 

Can you identify any one aspect in your career where you are aspiring to shoot for the moon, but unable to unleash yourself?

Where are you withholding your best from the world? 

Hit reply and let us know. 

Also, I don’t want you to be the person who spends time waiting for something before you get to structuring new deals you which you have never done before, drafting contracts for different kinds of transactions, new types of petitions or representing your clients in different forums. 

If a Lawsikho course fits your needs, you can start from day 1. You can start not only studying our course, but also performing all the tasks for clients which I mentioned just above. Take your career to the next orbit. 

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