Bar Council of Maharashtra and Goa
Maharashtra & Goa Bar Council
Maharashtra & Goa Bar Council

One can either apply for enrolment in the Bar Council of Maharashtra and Goa online, through their official website –, or submitting a form physically at the office of the Bar Council at Enrolment Department, 2nd Floor, High Court Extension Building (Behind HSBC Bank, M G Road),  Fort, Mumbai – 400032.

Interestingly, there are certain differences in the fees and procedure involved in the online submission and physical submission of the form.

Difference between online and physical form submission

Online form

Physical form purchased at the office of the Bar council

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The person who will submit the online form must pay Rs 5800, in form a Demand Draft (DD) in the name of Bar Council of Maharashtra and Goa. The person who will submit the online form must pay Rs 5450, in form a Demand Draft (DD) in the name of Bar Council of Maharashtra and Goa.
No additional cost apart from the DD to be submitted. The enrolment form that is purchased from the office costs Rs 300.
If you are filing up the  online form, you will be provided with an extra form, ie., the “Membership Form For Maharashtra Advocate Welfare Fund”. Advocates who are enrolling can choose not to fill up the form at this point of time. No such form is given.
In the online form, all pages, except the last two pages, must be printed on green ledger paper only. The last 2 pages of the form, ie, the Advocates Welfare Scheme Rule 40 and Welfare Fund Membership Form need to be printed on a white A4 size paper. The form obtained at the office, has all the forms in the desired manner. So, the chances of error in filling up the form are less.


Documents to be enclosed – A checklist before you submit

  • 1 Demand Draft worth Rs 5800 (online form) or Rs 5450 (physical form) in the name of Bar Council of India, payable at Mumbai
  • 1 Demand Draft worth Rs 150, in the name of Bar Council of India, payable at Mumbai
  • An attested copy of your graduation Certificate (B.Com, BSc, BA) in case of a 3 years LLB course.
  • In case, you have not received your LLB certificate on the date of filing the form, you can submit attested copies of both your final year mark-sheets and the final semester pass certificate/provisional certificate issued by the university.
  • An attested copy of your Birth Proof (You can submit your School / College Leaving Certificate, Birth Certificate or Passport as birth proof)

Other guidelines

  • One should be careful while filling up the form. One must write their  FULL NAME as per the name mentioned in the mark sheet and in the proper format as mentioned in the form. If you have a middle name, you should mention it as well.
  • One must affix a stamp-sized photograph, taken in “uniform”, i.e., white shirt and black pant, along with a coat and tie.
  • All the photocopied documents which are submitted must be attested. You can get the documents attested from any gazetted officer, Special Executive Officer or member of the Bar Council or the principal of your college.
  • Moreover, you need to submit recommendations from two practising advocates having experience of more than ten years. The recommendations should be accompanied by the enrolment number and date of enrolment of the advocates from whom you have obtained recommendation.


Contact details

Official website:

Address: Enrolment Department, Bar  Council of Maharashtra and Goa, 2nd Floor, High Court Extension Building (Behind HSBC Bank, M G Road), Fort, Mumbai – 400032

Contact No.: +91 – 22 – 2265 6567 / 22677508

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  1. i have applied for sanad on 14th February 2020 in Bombay Bar Council , its almost 10 days , when will I get my provisional sanad? how much days it takes generally?

  2. Form fee Rs. 500
    Enrollment fee Rs 15000
    Retired persons charged Rs. 25000 extra. Why retired people are charged more.?pl clarify. Thanks

  3. Fees for enrollment is Rs. 15000
    Form fee is Rs.500
    For retired persons fees is Rs. 25000.
    Why retired persons are charged more.?? Can someone explain Pl.

  4. Jan 2020 There has been a change in Processing fees for Enrollment for Offline.
    Offline Form cost : Rs 500/-
    The DD of Rs.15000/- (Rs. Fifteen Thousand) in Favor of Bar Council of MH & Goa payable at Mumbai
    The DD of Rs. 150/- (Rs. one hundred and Fifty)in Favor of Bar Council of India payable at Mumbai
    All Verified Documents

  5. There has been a change in the enrollment procedure in Maharashtra after a judgment passed by Madras HC (S. Desikanathan v. Bar Council of India) in January 2018. Mah. Bar Council now requires a Police Verification Certificate (Online/Hand-written) along with the application form. This Police Verification Certificate is creating problems for applicants as the format of such certificate differs from one police station to another.

  6. I passed LLB and obtained SANAD ON 15/01/2010 Registration no. of SANAD is MAH/2010/1 i didn’t aplly for verification of the SANAD. I was outstation for long time and was away from court. Today I attended court and found that final date for submission was 20/01/2018 and now it is expired. What can I do ?

  7. How can Rs. 5450/5800 and Rs. 150 be both payable to Bar Council of India? As absurdly high as these amounts are, would not the Bar Council of Maharashtra and Goa take their share? The Lawgic website states that only Rs. 150 is payable to Bar Council of India, and Rs. 5450/5800 is payable to Bar Council of Maharashtra and Goa.

  8. This article was plagiarized from with all the mistakes, errors and ommission. You can see that this article was copied verbatim without application of mind by the alleged author, in blatant violation of Local and International Copyright laws.

    It is shocking to note that a website which boasts about Legal Ethics and Professional Conduct promotes such type of authors like Venkatesh, who do not even bother to attribute the source or give a courtesy link.

    You can read the entire article at the link given above.

    • The author has told us that he has taken the information from the bar council website and has also called them to get this information. As far as I can see, your webpage is much longer and does not seem to be an exact match. It is not clear to me how there is a verbatim copying, and how much of this is information in public domain on which there is no copyright. Please send me some details on what exactly has been allegedly copied on my mail: [email protected] so that I can take an informed decision. If there is a real case of copyright violation, I will remove this article.

      Best wishes.

      • A plain reading of the link provided will indicate how more than 80% of the article has been copied verbatim including the punctuation, formatting and mistakes. It is surprising that you are unable to notice such prominent instances.

        Even the heading “Useful Tips” has been copied clumsily and then the U has been corrected.

        As you agree that the original webpage is longer, you will notice that more than substantial parts of it have been copied to constitute copyright violation and outright plagiarism. Its quite a no brainer.

        The information is the work of the owner of the website and falls under the ambit of the Indian Copyright Act and various international copyright laws. The expression of this work is subject matter of copyright and does not fall in the public domain. The author reserves all rights to the work to the greatest extent possible by law.

        Your author Venkatesh has lied regarding the information being available on the Bar Council website. iPleaders is vicariously liable for any act of this author and due dilligence of his works seems to be the need of the hour.

        I am noticing that all the other similar articles on the “Bar Council Enrollment” topic have the “useful tips” section copied as is from the original article. I won’t be surprised if most of the articles (if not all) on this website are copied in a similar fashion.

        The sentence “(May different from state to state)” has been copied verbatim with the grammatical error.

        I think iPleaders should be competent enough to deal with such matters without the need for any further correspondence.

        • Let me reiterate. Under take down procedure you need to send me a mail as requested with details of what exactly is the infringement and what constitutes your copyright. Only then I will be interested in looking into this any further. We cannot act on anonymous unverifiable comments here.

          • The comments are not anonymous. The comments are not unverifiable. The comments are linked to a verified email address.

            It appears that your take-down procedure does not include suo motu removal of infringing content, even after you have knowledge of it.

            You are attempting to cover up the real issue which is the plagiarism and trying to delay the take-down procedure with red tape and mindless procedure. It is funny that you have a section on Legal Ethics…..

            You may consider the comments as sufficient notice of the fact.

  9. R N Gupta . I am retired person holding all necessary qualifications and ready to pay normal fee .The information given above here is incorrect . Bar Council of Maharashtra discriminates new candidates .It Charges UNNECESSARY additional fee of Rs 25000/- to RETIRED / RETRENCHED / DISMISSED APPLICANTS . What is the crime of these RETIRED / RETRENCHED / DISMISSED APPLICANTS ? When constitution of India does not discriminate and Govt makes every efforts to help RETIRED persons Why is bar council doing this ?

  10. i have done LLB from jiwaji university , Gawlior in the yr 1989, 23 yurs back and i want to register at maharashtra bar council, Mumbai so as to practice at pune. pl infrorm the exact procedure how to register, and is there any exam to write.


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