Currently, Mohammad Adi Alv is an Intern at Supreme Court of India under Retd. Justice. R. Singh.

My experience with iPleaders went on really nice while doing my Diploma in Entrepreneurship Administration and Business Laws. One of my friends referred me to do this course as it has benefitted him a lot.

I was really upset, when due to some portal issues, I did not receive my exam emails, however, the management from iPleaders allowed me to appear again which was of great help. This was a very significant approach for which I’ll always be grateful to iPleaders. The entire team of iPleaders is doing a brilliant job. I have gone through quite a few of their courses and their modules, they all are pretty thought provoking. All of them have been brilliantly designed with lot of practical approach.

The webinars are all full of practical information, though access is limited. But it helped.  Even the back-end team, tech-support and customer service team is very quick and helpful. I must say, they all are maintaining a very standard method of serving their students as far as imparting knowledge in Law is concerned. My overall experience was great throughout the course.

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I still regret that due to lack of information from my end I missed out the opportunity of getting the permanent membership for ‘iPleaders Club’. But the Diploma course itself has served the major purpose of my legal career. It gave me lot of confidence, enhanced my strength and knowledge in the field of Law and business.

I’ll definitely advice this course to people who wants to gain a very sharp knowledge in both theoretical and practical aspect of Business Law.


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