How to get a Gun License in India

January 06, 2017
Obtain Gun License

This Article on “How to get a Gun License in India” is written by Ishita Mehta.

Getting a Gun License in India comes under the Arms Act of 1959. Civilians or citizens of India who want to own a gun are allowed to purchase only NPB guns ( Non- prohibited bore). This Act allows the civilians to get a gun license if they have a major threat towards their life.

But, how to prove the threat?

Proving threat is not a major task as it just needs the FIR ( first information report ) but, the process of obtaining Gun license in India is long.

How to get Gun License

If all these steps are fulfilled and the DCP is satisfied with the relevant information, a civilian can get a gun license after this.

Now, after getting the gun license, the customer obviously have to contact the dealer for the procurement of the gun. For this, the customer will have to book a pre-order to get the gun from any licensed shop of their choice.

Gun License forms are easily available on the website of Indian ordnance factory.

Documents required for getting the gun from the factory-

  1. Issued license with valid date and place and should be either in English or in Hindi.
  2. A photocopy of the Gun license.
  3. One copy of the NOC for the factory owner and one copy of the NOC for Police authorities. NOC is the no objection certificate(in case if the gun license is valid across India then, there is no need to provide with NOC certificate).
  4. There is also a need of transport license of the place where the factory is located.

One cannot issue letters just on the basis of the authorities but, the delivery can be permitted to the retainer only on the behalf of the customer. Now, this also requires some additional information including the name of the retainer along with the passport size picture and an authority letter signed by the retainer himself.

Get A Gun From-

Guns For customers Address of the factory Contact details Price
0.32″ Revolver MK-III The General Manager,

Field Gun Factory,

Kalpi Road, Kanpur, UP.

PIN – 208009

0512-2295100-04 64,000 Rupees excluding tax
0.32″ Revolver (Long Barrel) (ANMOL) The General Manager,

Small Arms Factory,

Kalpi Road, Kanpur, UP.

PIN – 208009

0512-2295042-46 87,500 Rupees excluding tax
0.32″ Revolver MK-III(L) (Nirbheek) The General Manager,

Field Gun Factory,

Kalpi Road, Kanpur, UP.

PIN – 208009

0512-2295100-04 96,500 Rupees excluding tax
0.32″ Revolver (MK-IV) The General Manager,

Small Arms Factory,

Kalpi Road, Kanpur, UP.

PIN – 208009

0512-2295042-46 68,000 Rupees excluding tax
0.32″ Pistol The General Manager,

Gun & Shell Factory,

Cossipore, Kolkata

West Bengal

PIN – 700002

(033) 25575432 70,000 Rupees excluding tax
0.22″ Sporting Rifle The General Manager,

Rifle Factory,


P.O. Nawabgunj, Dist. 24- Parganas (N).

West Bengal

PIN – 743144

(033) 25937119-23 38,200 Rupees excluding tax
0.30-06″ Sporting Rifle The General Manager,

Rifle Factory,


P.O. Nawabgunj, Dist. 24- Parganas (N).

West Bengal

PIN – 743144

(033) 25937119-23 86,250 Rupees excluding tax
0.315″ Sporting Rifle The General Manager,

Rifle Factory,


P.O. Nawabgunj, Dist. 24- Parganas (N).

West Bengal

PIN – 743144

(033) 25937119-23 56,100 Rupees excluding tax
0.22″ Revolver The General Manager,

Rifle Factory,


P.O. Nawabgunj, Dist. 24- Parganas (N).

West Bengal

PIN – 743144

(033) 25937119-23 40,900 Rupees excluding tax
0.22″ Revolver NIDAR The General Manager,

Rifle Factory,


P.O. Nawabgunj, Dist. 24- Parganas (N).

West Bengal

PIN – 743144

(033) 25937119-23 40,400 Rupees excluding tax
0.32 Revolvers/ Pistols Ordnance Cable Factory,


(0172) 2650-577 /-526

How To Procure A Gun In India

It takes about two months of waiting time for the gun to be received to the customer and in some cases, it can go up to three months based on the manufacturing system of a particular factory.

If somebody wants to renew the gun license, there is a renewal form available for them.

In the renewal form, the customer is obligated to produce the weapon with the gun license, along with all the other documents which they’d already attested at the time of getting their license.

If the gun license is issued in another state and there is a need to issue it again in the different states, the customer should take following steps-

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How To Sell Your Licensed Gun

If somebody wants to sell their weapon they should submit an application with Rs 5/- court stamp on it with attached copy of the original gun license and inform the arms branch that they’re interested in selling their weapon.

They should provide all the documents which they earlier submitted for getting the weapons issued.

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Can The Gun Be Transferred?

If the original gun license is present during the lifetime of the person who wants to transfer the ownership of the weapon to the legal heirs by making application on a plain paper and this paper will be attached with the Form A of the person to whom the transfer of license is given.

If the original license has expired, then the application can be made again in the form A. There will be the requirement of two passport size photos and there should be no objection from the legal heirs.

Can Overseas Indian Citizens Get Gun License In India?

Getting a gun license in India for overseas citizens of India depends on the particular residence of the overseas citizen.

  1. It has to prove that the state of residence is permanent.
  2. It’ll have to give a valid reason of why it wants the gun license.

For instance, if he wants the license for hunting purpose.

But, for the overseas citizens who come to India for short span of time, it gets very hard for them to attain license.

Cancellation Of Gun License

Obtain License To Import – Export Guns

In the general law, it is given that no citizen can import or export the guns based on the foreign trade policies. But, there are certain exceptions to this to import any item to another country-

Number of Guns to be Owned with one Gun license

An Indian citizen can own more than one guns on one arms license. But, each type of firearm needs to be individually endorsed after taking the due permission from the license authority.

So, For example, let’s say you initially apply for an arms license for a handgun (NPB pistol/ revolver),the license is granted and you purchase and have the handgun endorsed on your license.

Later, if you wish to purchase a rifle/ additional handgun/ shotgun, you will need to write an application to the licensing authority, requesting for an addition of the type of firearm you wish to have added (rifle/ handgun/ shotgun) and stating/explaining your need for the same.

The licensing authority should approve the application only then can another arm can be purchased. There is a maximum limit of 3 firearms that an individual can own at any given point of time.

Latest News Regarding Arms Rules

Now, every person who is applying for arms license have to go through a safety training course relating to arms.

This course will involve safeguard principles including-

The authority also says that the arms license will be given to the individuals who confront grave and foresee risk to their life by reason of being inhabitant of their region or zones, where they have threat to their lives and the extremists are most active.

Now, the license authority can grant the license or refuse to give it just within a period of 60 days.

Licenses will be issued only for three categories

  1. Self-defense
  2. Sports
  3. Crop protection

The government has allowed citizens to own licensed electronic disabling devices such as taser gun. The main purpose of issuing taser gun is to enhance women’s safety.

Area validity of Arms licences

In respect of Prohibited Bore (PB) weapons, extension area to one state or more than one states or all over India is to be considered by the Central Government on the merits of the reasons given by the retainer of the weapon. For NPB weapons, instructions have been issued to the State Governments to carefully consider requests for allowing All India Validity (AIV) judiciously based on the recommendations of the DM concerned depending upon the genuineness of the request, local factors and the law and order situation.

The state governments have been advised to allow area validity upto a maximum of three adjoining States and also to consider AIV requests at State level for the following categories:

(i) Sitting Union Ministers/Members of Parliament,

(ii) Personnel of Military and Para-Military,

(iii) Officers of All-India Services,

(iv) Officers with liability to serve anywhere in India,  of applicants may be approved at the level of Secretary (Home) of the State concerned.

For the applicants not covered by the above categories, the State Government shall seek prior concurrence of MHA(Ministry of Home Affairs) with full clarification in deserving cases. All India Validity can be allowed for three years in such cases and shall be re-considered after 3 years by the State Government with prior concurrence of MHA. The State Government may send data of All-India validity on quarterly basis to MHA.

Grant of Arms licences under family Heirloom

PB/ NPB weapons of an existing licensee can be transferred to his/her legal heir. If the licensee had held the weapon for a period of 25 years or more or the licensee has attained the age of 70 years or more. Applications can be filed for transfer of PB and NPB weapons with the MHA and State Government/DM, subject to the condition that the legal heir should be eligible to get the license under the Arms Act and should be capable of handling the weapon.

Currently, son/daughter/wife/husband are considered as ‘legal heir’ and the licensee can file an application to transfer the licence in favour of them. After the death of the licensee the license can be transferred to his/her legal heir without any objection.

There are cases where the licensee have requested to transfer the licence in favour of son-in-law, daughter-in-law, brother and sister of the licensee. These cases arises when the licensee does not have any son/daughter of his own or they have settled abroad and unwilling to hold the licence. So it has ?>daughter-in-law, brother and sister of the licensee on the merits of the case, in addition to son, daughter, wife and husband, to whom the licensee will be free to transfer his weapon as per his wish during his lifetime. After the death of the licensee the licence can be transferred to one of the legal heir subject to ‘No objection Certificate’ from other legal heirs.

Addition to

If a person owns more than three guns under one license before or at the commencement of the arms (amendment) act,1983 then he is given an option to to retain any three guns submit the rest to the officer in charge of the nearest police station or with a licensed dealer or, where such person is a member of the armed forces of the Union

License To Import – Export Guns

In the case when the import-export is not for the purpose of selling but for personal use then any person who is authorised under the arms act to have such arm can bring in and out of India such arm without any specific license.

In the case of a non citizen i.e. belonging to any other country is not prohibited by the laws of that country from having in his possession any arms and ammunition then he can bring with into India arms and ammunition in reasonable quantities for use by him for purposes only of sport and for no other purpose.


A military officer is allowed to keep one personal firearm (this is beside there service issue firearm) without the need for a license. They need to inform their CO about the firearm and have the CO(Commissioned Officer) enter the make, serial number and etc in their register. They must also get a license once they are discharged from service. This is covered in the Defence Service Rule. Rule says that the Commissioned officer can keep a handgun and those from the rank’s a shotgun or rifle without a license during their service.

According to section 3 and 4 of Armed act,1959 all person in India can have a license issued for possessing,acquiring or carrying any arm or firearm.  Section 41 of Armed act is penal provision for contravention of act. Enacted to notify in the official gazette, exempt any person or class of people or exclude any description of arms from the operation of all or any of the provisions in this act.

Under Rule 57(3) of the act the central government has issued a general order i.e, all junior commissioned officer, warrant officer,petty officers, non-commissioned officers and soldiers of armed forces whether in service or retired are exempted from payment of fees for grant or renewal of any license for the sporting gun or rifle with reasonable quality of ammunition.

Section 17 of The Arms Act, 1959; Variation, suspension and revocation of licenses.—

Provision for variation in firearm license

Variation of firearm license means any kind of changes or alteration or any difference from that of the existing condition in the license typically within the given limits. The license authority can vary the condition to which license is already granted except for the ones which are prescribed through the act which are mandatory.

  1. The license-holder by a notice in writing is asked to deliver the licence to the licensing authority within the specified time.
  2. The license authority may make changes, on receiving the application from the license holder or also change the conditions of the license except for the prescribed.

Provision for suspension or revocation of firearm license

Suspension of firearm license means temporary or permanent prohibition of holding a license or having the possession or use of the firearm. Revocation means total cancellation of the license. The licensing authority may by order in writing suspend the license of a license holder for a period as it may think fit to it or revoke (cancel) the license.

Condition for suspension or revocation

The licensing authority makes an order for varying in the license or an order for suspension or revocation, it should record all the reasons in brief writing and provide to the holder on demand unless the authority feels that the statement will not be of public interest.  

On the suspension or revocation of the license, the license holder is supposed to surrender the license immediately to the authority by whom it is been suspended or revoked or to any other authority as specified in the order of suspension or revocation.

How to get a Gun License online


Online form instructions



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