This basic study material on law of torts has been compiled by team Lawsikho. It is our dream to provide accessible and high quality study material to all law students as well as anyone who wants to learn the law in India. This study material has been created as a part of Project Access, which we started to this end.

We found that many students struggle to find good law books in the market. Even if they are available, they are so costly that many law students can’t afford them. Also, they are technical, and it is very difficult for students to understand the text of these books.

We also observed that different students have different ways of learning. Few like to read books and make notes, few would prefer PPTs to understand the concept and revise quickly at the last moment, while few require some videos to understand the concept completely.

To solve all the above mentioned issues of law students, we have compiled and provided notes for Law of Torts here. These notes will be further updated. Consider this as a work in progress which will be perfected over the years. You are welcome to contribute by writing and sharing high quality notes for this cause or suggest any changes in the existing notes if required. You can also ask us at ramanuj [@] to make and upload topics which you think should be added in this compilation. You can also write your opinions or topics in the comment section below.

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We request you to also share the question papers of your university/college so we can upload the same here along with model answers, free of cost. 

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